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  1. Last week was a very chaotic time for America. Our nation almost experienced another government shutdown due to Congress’ inability to pass a budget. For those unfamiliar with a shutdown, this is basically when federal agencies must cease all activity that is viewed as non-essential. This is also a time when many federal workers do not receive any pay. However, the elected officials still receive their pay. In addition to this happening, Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his position as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. This is the first time in history a sitting Speaker has been voted out; especially with their own party controlling the chamber. The reason Speaker McCarthy was ousted from his position is because he worked with Democrats to form a deal that would help the country avoid a government shutdown. Prior to forming a deal with the Democrats, there was suspicion that he worked out a secret deal to fund Ukraine’s war. The effort to oust Speaker McCarthy was led by a Florida Republican and the Democrats decided to not rescue McCarthy. For this assignment, you must read all articles below and respond to the questions in paragraph form. Please remember to include the proper header and not the question number or title. This paper should be submitted in Times New Roman twelve-point font. Lastly, be sure to fully answer each question. This paper is due Monday, October 16 at 11:59pm.Paragraph 1: What is a government shutdown and what causes this incident? How do shutdowns impact the overall economy and corporations? What is a continuing resolution?Paragraph 2: Do you agree with Congress’ decision to drastically decrease the funding from the U.S. to Ukraine’s War? Overall, do you feel that we should be spending a massive amount of money to Ukraine?Paragraph 3: Provide an overall synopsis of Speaker McCarthy being ousted from his position. Why do you think Congressman Gaetz (R – Florida) led this effort to remove Speaker McCarthy from his position?Paragraph 4: In your opinion, were the Democrats wrong for not supporting Speaker McCarthy after he negotiated a deal with them to prevent the government from shutting down? Please fully explain your reasoning.ArticlesU.S. News – McCarthy’s Path out of Government ShutdownAP News – Gaetz Brings Down McCarthy The Hill – Democrats Do Not Save McCarthy’s Speakership The Intelligencer – Kevin McCarthy, Once Crisis for AnotherNPR – Congress Passes Spending Stopgap NBC News – House Passes 45 Day Funding Bill CNN – Corporate America HappyCNN – Government Shutdown and the EconomyUSA Today – Winners and LosersBrookings – Government Shutdown Information PBS NC – $6 Billion to Ukraine CNBC – Possible Secret Ukraine Funding Deal
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