Answer and number each Question’s as it number


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1- Name 3 yoga postures included in this Outlaw Yoga workout

2- After watching the dance video with closed captions, which movie appeals to you for its style of dance? OR, which movie displays the most athleticism, grace or creativity in it’s dance style?



1- Your spine is composed of how many stacked vertebrae?

2- Assess your posture: Standing next to a mirror or with the help of a friend, assess your posture. Based on your imaginary (or actual) plumbline, what do you observe about your posture? Explain in 2-3 sentences.

3- In 2-3 sentences, note what corrections were needed with your posture, or what you observed.

4- What will your stretching routine look like following reading this chapter? Outline a new routine that you’ll try in 2-3 sentences.


C) 1- Fitball 101: Based on the 6 fitball stretches in Module 5 reading OR something new you make up or research which addresses your needs, write a paragraph about these 3 fitball stretches. Reference the anatomical names of the muscles you are stretching, (according to the muscular chart, ) rand how this will serve your daily needs e.g. workouts, posture, work duties, etc.

2- Which of the bed stretches have you begun incorporating either before getting vertical or elsewhere? Reference which muscles you are using. Explain how this habit is impacting your muscle memory.



1- If you’ve experienced the joy of dancing, share specifically in what context? As a workout? Social? Cultural? How does it feel on your body compared to traditional aerobic workouts? How would you encourage a complete neophyte to get started doing this? Of the many old movie stars in the video, who or which style of dance would you emulate, learn, if you could? Or is there a dfferent style you’d like to learn? Why? If you DON’T ever dance, dream a little: Which style of dance would you be graced with if possible? Have you considered learning it? Do you see any value in dance either socially, culturally or as a workout? Why, why not? In 50-75 words share your response, or why you agree or (politley) disagree with someone else’s response. Support your response with your personal experience.

2- Response:-

I enjoyed watching the dance video which shows different dances from movies. I’ve had to dance before for cultural reasons because my ethnicity is Indian and dance is a huge part of the Indian culture. I consider dance to be harder than traditional aerobic workouts because you need to make sure that you are flexible. However, dancing makes people happy and is proven to relieve stress. In addition, dancing can also be considered an excellent form of exercise for some.

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