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Attached is Ms hot topic documents that’s what I’ve already started on. I sent the temple so you can see what it should look like and below are the instructions

Assignment Instructions

Part 1: Directions for Data Analytics Research and Analysis:

In this activity. you are to find, research, and describe two organizational examples of successful data analytics initiatives – and these can be a mixture of commercial entity, goverment, or non-profit organizations.

Ideally, these examples should be relatively contemporary in nature (most recent 5-10 years) and include sufficient detail to provide you with a good understanding and reasonable detail of the example data analytics initiative they pursued. (Note: Do not select overused organizations, e.g., Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Walmart, etc. Instead, look for unique, less publicized organizations.)

For each of the two examples, document the following in your report:

  • ??Name of the organization & related URL(s) used in researching the example.
    Briet description of the data analvtics inthative pursued.
    Why did they pursue this initiative? (Potential benefits, planned outcomes, etc.)
  • ??Mechanics of how they pursued it including key system resources and/or commercial products?

What part of the organization pushed (and/or led) the initiative? Ways in which the organization embraced (or resisted) the initiative?

What were the results? What did they accomplish with respect to the original rationale?

Part 2: Developing and Submitting Your Data Analytics Report

This assignment is designed to be your own thoughts, efforts, and words and a strong effort at analysis of the issue posed and a thorough effort of researching your response. Similar to the previous activities, your final submission for this Hot Topic should consist of two components: (1) a summary of your outside sources and (2) a completed data analytics report. For the first part (research sources), you should use this modified template (Hot-Topic-Sources-Template (docx)) and for the final ethical analysis report, you can use the same Business Report Template (docx) as a general framework for presenting your summary report.

Note that you can adjust the structure of your report to accommodate the required analysis in this report. The supplied template can serve as a general guide for ensuring you have a well-organized and readable final business report.

Other notes about your submission:

  • Your summary of outside sources (part 1) should reflect a thorough effort and include a minimum of five (5) outside sources. If you relied on more sources, you only need to complete the search template for up to six (6) outside sources. All sources should follow the methodology for selection and validation steps that have been previously covered in this course.Your final report (part 2) should be in MS Word format with a body length of 800-1,200 words.
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