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Post your two questions and two takeaways either on Chapter 7 or the supplemental article Nontraditional Students’ Perspective on Higher Education. Make sure you cite your sources. In addition, remember to respond to two different peers.

I will give you two other examples or peers of other posts from the discussion board, I want you to write responses to their post. The responses do not need to be long at all, neither does the post. Write the same amount of words or information that the other peers did.

Peer #1: “In this article, the qualitative study of nontraditional students (studens 25 and above) reflects on a central thought of hopefulness spanning to five different categories of: career development, life transition, support systems, motivation, and financial investment. The article cites historically higher grades for nontraditional students paired with lower levels of self-confidence. The process of data gathering was “Interview” and concept categorization. This topic was fascinating to me as I myself am a full time student while also being a full time employee. However, I believe the methodology for data gathering left something to be desired. The “structured interview” in this article did no list specific questions and/or follow up quesions being given, which would be difficult to replicate. Furthermore, the assumption of “self-efficacy” being derived from a sense of “Hopefulness”. While this is a qualiative methodology, I would’ve liked to read a bit more of the specifics to the questions asked, and maybe a pre/post semester followup.

Question 1: Out of the categories listed, what would you feel needed to be added?

Question 2: For qualitative data gathering, do you agree that the interview process for this was well suited? Would you change anything?

Chao, R., & Good, G. E. (2004). Nontraditional students’ perspectives on college education: A qualitative study. Journal of college counseling, 7(1), 5-12.

Peer#2: Q1: “In educational research, what is an instrument? Explain the importance of the instrument in the research process. Pg. 168

Q2: In educational research, what scores are used most as interval variables? What is one advantage of using variables with equal intervals? Pg. 170

Take-A-Way 1: In educational research, independent variables must have at least two conditions of treatment. An experimental variable and a criterion variable. The two variable allows the researcher to conduct experiments using two groups that can be used in causal-effect research studies. The goal of research is to contribute to scholarship in the field of education. Pg 170

Take-A-Way 2: In educational Research, measurement instruments need not be designed by student researchers. In order to save time, the student researcher can turn to standardized instruments that have been designed by experts or organizations that sponsor the formation of instruments in a particular discipline in order to establish consistency of conclusions in contents and test construction. Pg. 171


Mills, G. E., & Gay, L. R. (2019). Educational research: Competencies for analysis and applications. Pearson. One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. “

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