Define the term PROCESS and describe the relationship between PROCESSES and PROCESS CONTROL BLOCKS


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QUESTION 1: Define the term PROCESS and describe the relationship between PROCESSES and PROCESS CONTROL BLOCKS also please specify the steps performed by an OS to create a new process.


This question is to better understand the Management of Application Execution by using the analogy between restaurant and computer.

CPU is expecting to have two things for each application’s process section, a) data (this is ingredients for the cook) and b) Instructions (specific order of the food (recipe)). Consider the below-given parameters while working on questions 2 and 3.

The parameters of the OS and Restaurant analogy.

CPU: The cook who prepares the food based on given ingredients (data) and instructions. It will receive data and instructions for each process.

PROCESS: The food preparation. The customer wants to have/order food. Each food order should be prepared based on customers’ needs. Each food order considers to be a process and comes with data and instructions. Customers may order more than one process (i.e. salad, drink, and pizza). That means 3 different processes. Consider the customer as an application in computer OS. In this example, one application comes with three processes.

OPERATING SYSTEM: The rules of the restaurant. The restaurant should be run based on these rules. Like in the computer, all computer resources, CPU, Memory, etc. have been managed based on OS. The waiter takes the orders from users (restaurant customers). And make sure all customer’s orders were fulfilled

MAIN MEMORY: This keeps the customer orders (Data and Instructions) well organized. In Computer this is RAM.


  1. Running: The process (the food order) that is currently being executed by the CPU ( i.e. Cook is working on the food order )
  2. Ready: A process that is prepared to execute when given the opportunity
  3. Blocked/Waiting: A process that cannot execute until some event occurs,
  4. New: A process that has just been created but has not yet been admitted to the pool of executable processes by the OS. A new customer came in and ordered new food.
  5. The process was completed by the CPU ( Food was prepared and delivered to the customer )

Develop a State Process Model for this system using the OS and Restaurant analogy terms. Your name should be on the diagram

QUESTION 3: Develop a timeline diagram for the process states to trace the given process execution timeline. See the memory address, process, and dispatcher in the table. See Figure 3.7 in your textbook.

Time Address Processes Time Address Processes
1 4011 A 18 100 Dispatcher
2 4012 A 19 101 Dispatcher
3 4013 A 20 102 Dispatcher
4 100 Dispatcher 21 4014 A
5 101 Dispatcher 22 4015 A
6 102 Dispatcher 23 4016 A
7 5000 B 24 100 Dispatcher
8 5001 B 25 101 Dispatcher
9 5002 B 26 102 Dispatcher
10 5003 B 27 5004 B
11 100 Dispacher 28 5005 B
12 101 Dispacher 29 5006 B
13 102 Dispacher
14 1100 C
15 1101 C
16 1102 C
17 1103 C
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