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ensure the sustainability of standardizing emergency nursing education
and training in the healthcare system change project after my leave, it
is essential to put in place the following resources and considerations:

  1. Comprehensive Documentation: Compile all relevant project
    information, including the project goals, strategies, methodologies, key
    findings, and lessons learned. This documentation will guide future
    staff members and ensure continuity (U.S. Office of Personnel
    Management, 2022).
  2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Develop SOPs outlining
    standardized processes and protocols for emergency nursing education and
    training. These SOPs should cover curriculum development, training
    methods, assessment processes, and ongoing professional development.
    Ensure these SOPs are accessible and regularly updated (Federal
    Emergency Management Agency, 2023).
  3. Dedicated Staff: Assign a dedicated team or individual responsible
    for overseeing and managing the standardized emergency nursing education
    and training initiatives. This person should have expertise, leadership
    skills, and a deep understanding of emergency nursing practices (U.S.
    Office of Personnel Management, 2022)
  4. Training and Development Programs: Establish ongoing training and
    development programs to support the staff members involved in emergency
    nursing education and training. This includes providing opportunities
    for continuous learning, staying updated with evidence-based practices,
    and fostering professional growth (Federal Emergency Management Agency,
  5. Collaboration with Stakeholders: Engage key stakeholders, including
    educators, trainers, healthcare professionals, and nursing associations,
    to ensure their continued involvement and support. Collaborative
    efforts will help sustain the standardization efforts and foster a
    culture of continuous improvement (U.S. Office of Personnel Management,
  6. Quality Assurance and Evaluation: Implement a robust quality
    assurance and evaluation process to monitor the effectiveness and impact
    of standardized education and training initiatives. Regularly assess
    and review curriculum materials, instructional methods, and outcomes to
    identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing relevance (U.S. Office
    of Personnel Management, 2022).

When leaving someone in charge of the change after my leave, it would
be advisable to identify a competent and dedicated individual with the
necessary qualifications and expertise in emergency nursing education
and training. This person should understand the project goals,
methodologies, and the organization’s culture. To ensure a smooth
transition, provide comprehensive training and knowledge transfer to the
individual, including detailed handover documentation, access to
relevant resources, and ongoing support during the initial stages. This
will help them effectively oversee the standardized emergency nursing
education and training initiatives and make informed decisions to
sustain the project’s success.

By implementing these resources, assigning a dedicated team, and
providing comprehensive documentation and training, I can ensure the
organization’s sustainability of the standardized emergency nursing
education and training project after my leave.


The Workforce Planning (Ed.). (2022, November). Workforce Planning Guide – U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
Workforce Planning Guide.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (Ed.). (2023, April). Public Assistance SOPs and Operations Manuals. FEMA.gov. https://www.fema.gov/assistance/public/policy-guid…

Post 2

ensure proper sustainability for the project it is important to
understand what the frameworks are for. Between the conceptual and the
theoretical framework, quite a bit of what needs to be done in all
aspects of the project is essentially dictated there. Considering that
frameworks exist to provide a blueprint, or structural guidelines for
the implementation of processes to ensure accuracy in repetition, as
well as function as a project or system skeleton (Nazeri et al., 2019).
That being said, the most important aspect of ensuring and maintaining
sustainability is to develop the project to truly reflect the selected
theoretical and conceptual frameworks. In my change project’s case, the
Betty Neuman Systems Model and the Donabedian Quality model work great
because between the two they encompass all patients needs coupled with
facility-based resources, and a strict quality assurance feedback loop.
The best person to remain in charge of this process is the APRN,
therefore it would be prudent to find another AGACNP with similar
experience in the relating field to lead the interprofessional team and
abide by the selected frameworks as they pertain to the many facets and
caveats of the project. As far as information goes, or
training/orienting to the role of the team lead, the new APRN will be
guided on project expectations, goals, desired benchmarks, and how to
navigate the complex dynamics between the patient’s needs and the
interventions of the interprofessional team. Another matter to consider
is the solidification of the project as a set of policy and procedures
where implementation takes place, this way it ensures it becomes a norm
to apply to any patient that is categorically eligible to participate.
When a process becomes rooted as a policy and procedure it may be
difficult to change without complex steps, but this project will have
fairly detailed instructions on the matter of the quality assurance
process and the consequent needs for any alterations in practices. It
may sound difficult, but it is feasible to attain the necessary
stability in complex processes as long as there is a framework to which
everyone can adhere.


Nazari, E., Shahriari, M. H., & Tabesh, H. (2019). Applications of framework in Health Care: A Survey. Frontiers in Health Informatics, 8(1), 16. https://doi.org/10.30699/fhi.v8i1.186

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