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As a healthcare leader recently hired to a new role you clearly see the opportunity to positively impact a negative organizational culture in your department.

Using the seven steps (I am writing below) what you would do to change a particular component of the organizational culture. Choose to select a particular negative culture component or to discuss the components in a more general manner. Give examples regardless of the approach you select. The steps are outlined in strategic planning of the textbook Gerald R. Ledlow, Michelle Bosworth, and Thomas Maryon. Leadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills and Applications. (4th edition). Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc: Sudbury, Massachusetts. Write a 2 page double spaced paper using APA format with your approach. you may have an idea from the content below:

Mission, Vision, Values, Strategies, Goals,
Objectives, and Action Steps

Leaders in health organizations utilize a strategic
system of leadership and management – A formal

?Mission, vision, and values are guideposts / directional
strategies that guide organizational decisions

?Strategies, goals, objectives and actions are
sequential building blocks of planning to
successfully achieve the mission and vision of the
health organization.
Mission (Purpose) | Vision | Values

? Mission (an extension of purpose)
? Mission is why your organization exists, what business it is in, who it
serves, and where it provides its products or services.
? Vision is an aspiration of what the organization intends to become.
? Vision is the shared image of the future organization that places the
organization in a better position to do its mission / fulfill its purpose.
? Values are beliefs and attitudes that an organization holds that guide decision
making, behavior, actions.
Strategies, Goals, Objectives, and Action Steps
? Strategic goals are over-arching end results that the
organization pursues to accomplish its mission and achieve its
? Strategic Planning, strategy identification, and development
follow a sequential decision logic
Goals, Objectives, and Action Steps
? Goals: translate the broad strategies into specific statements
? Goals are broader statements, sometimes aspirations, and are
hierarchically above objectives
? Objectives align organizational resources to meet the stated goals
? Objectives are measurable, assigned to an owner, have timelines
? Action steps (action plans) are tasks for implementation
? Tasks have an owner, a time box, and are measurable
Implementation Plans are constantly monitored by leaders
at various levels in the organization
Understanding the Internal Environment
? Internal scanning, monitoring, and assessment are vital leadership
? Effective leaders are effective internal organization scanners, monitors,
and assessors.
? Human resources management system, supply chain system, technological systems, information
system, operational processes, reporting capabilities, and culture.
? An important theme is integrated synergy among all health organizational systems.
? Specific areas of scanning, monitoring, and assessing are:
1. Competitive advantage and the unique or distinctive organizational competencies
2. Strengths and weaknesses of the organization
3. Operational effectiveness efficiency
4. Organizational culture (Is the culture aligned with the organization’s direction?)
Understanding the External Environment What
is the External Environment?
Understanding the External Environment
? Understanding the external environment focuses on scanning, monitoring,
forecasting, and assessing macro and micro forces of the external environment
? Scanning: identifying subtle to dramatic signals of macro and micro
external environment
? Monitoring: deriving meaning from a pattern of observations
? Forecasting is the development of projections and scenarios based on
patterns indicated from monitoring.
? Assessing is prioritizing and quantifying the impact of changes in the
external environment
? Categories to understand in the dynamic health industry:
1. Macro-environmental forces
2. Health care environmental forces
3. Competition / Competitor Analysis
4. Opportunities / Threats analysis SWOT Analysis Tool
Defining Organizational Culture
Health leaders assess the external / internal environments of the organization,
determine what organizational culture will best meet the needs of the external
environment, then design, develop, implement, and refine the organizational
Leaders must be knowledgeable and competent about organizational dynamics,
culture, communication, assessment and analysis, and change management

Defining Culture
? Culture is a learned and evolved system of knowledge, behavior, attitudes,
beliefs, values, and norms that is shared by a group of people
? Culture is the fabric that weaves all components of the organization together
Defining Organizational Culture
? Defining organizational culture
? Organizational culture is a complex construct that incorporates many concepts like rokeach’s model etc. give atleast 2-3 references.

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