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Please answer all questions below based on multimedia and reading sources. Be thorough.

Reading Sources:

  1. Summary of the Clean Water Act
    1. What is the purpose of the Clean Water Act?

  1. When was it established?

  1. NPDES Permit Basics
    1. What is the purpose of an NPDES Permit?

  1. What is point source water pollution?

  1. What water in the United States is covered by the NPDES Permit?

Multimedia Sources

  1. The Water Cycle
    1. Where is water located on earth? Name five places.

  1. Define and give an example of each:
    1. Precipitation liquid form
  1. Precipitation solid form

  1. Precipitation gas form

  1. Surface water liquid form

  1. Surface water solid form

  1. Define:
    1. Groundwater

  1. Percolation

  1. Evaporation

  1. Evapotranspiration

  1. Water Pollution
    1. Explain eutrophication with fertilizer compounds

  1. List three sources of water pollution and how they enter water.



During this discussion, please choose one of the questions below and provide a response. Responses should be well thought out, developing your ideas clearly. Please use proper grammar and spelling. Your response is due on Wednesday and your reply to classmates is due Sunday.

  1. The EPA’s Clean Water Act was meant to clean up and maintain the water resources of the United States. Comparing to historical perspectives, do you believe that the Clean Water Act is effective? Explain your reasoning.
  2. The water cycle provides an opportunity for water to evaporate and clean itself. We are using our surface and groundwater, on the west coast, at a faster rate than the natural water cycle can keep up. Provide some ideas on how we can reduce our use of this resource. Describe the pros and cons of your idea.
  3. The Salton Sea was replenished in the early 1900s during attempts to move water from the Colorado River to the imperial valley. Since this time, the Salton sea only gets water from agriculture run-off and stormwater. It is evaporating at a faster rate than the recharge rate. Due to this issue, how should the government resolve the salton sea issues or should they save it? Explain your reasoning.


Weekly Reflections: After completing the weekly assignments you will provide a reflection of your week’s learning process. This should include your personal thoughts on the information you learned, any complications or positive aspects of your learning experience. Elaborate on areas that you need to improve and things that led to your success. Grading will be based on the thoroughness of your responses and depth of your reflection, and spelling and grammar.

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