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Part II: Recall “Mini Case 1: Apple: What’s Next?” on page 471.

Think about the strategic business models in the laptop industry and how they are different from Apple. Put yourself in the role of any company within the laptop industry, and explain a strategic business move that you would recommend. Why would you recommend this move? 300 word minimum

When making your recommendation, let’s vary the competitors in order to diversify our discussion forum.

Part 3: Respond to the discussion below. Minimum 200 words.

**My name is Logan Holt. I live in El Paso, TX, but I will move within the next year. Where my family and I will be moving next is yet to be known, as the Army will tell us around January time. I currently work as an insurance agent focusing on Medicare and individual health plans. My goal is to finish this MBA and possibly continue to obtain a Doctorate that is still yet to be decided. Regarding future employment, depending on where we get stationed, I would love to open up my own insurance office or find a human resources position where I can apply the lessons I have learned.

Part 2:

After reviewing the “Mini Case 1: Apple: What’s Next?” it’s clear that Apple differs from its competitors by continuing to develop new products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watches. Apple continues to “upgrade” its existing products, but many find that the price increase is not worth the upgrade they provide. Apple continues to see a yoyo in its revenues and will increase revenue after a new product rollout, and the higher cost fills in the downturn of the previous year’s gains.

If I worked in a laptop industry like Dell or Microsoft, I would have the strategic business move to be cost-effective and target certain market goals such as students, businesses, or gamers. With the increasing cost of Apple products to stay competitive, Dell or Microsoft could offer a laptop that provided the same features but specialized in a gamer experience, easier business programs included applications, and for students applications to aid in projects or research. This could also be accomplished by offering a cost-effective item. Many individuals would love to own a laptop but cannot afford Apple’s high prices. A quality product in the right price range could have Dell or Microsoft capitalize on the underserved market.

Apple has expanded into many items. However, if a company can focus on a laptop and see how they can improve the quality and applications and stay cost-effective, it could result in higher sales while not being pushed out by Apple. **

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