Persuasive Speech Outline


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  • Choose a controversial topic. This can be providing insights into a very mundane topic that we often overlook.
  • Conduct extensive research. Again, I believe you need to cite more credible sources for persuasive speech.
  • Phrase your specific purpose properly. “Today I want to convince (or persuade)…”
  • Develop sound arguments and coherent organization. Again, citing credible sources and elaborating on their insights can intrigue your audience.
  • Construct a sophisticated introduction. Make the effort to integrate one of the many strategies discussed in chapter 10.
  • Develop a forceful conclusion. Consider issuing a challenge or appeal. “I challenge you to stand up and let your voice be heard!”
  • The outline format is based on the Roman numeral system. A separate outline for the introduction, body, and conclusion, And including a Bibliography (or Works Cited, References) with a minimum of three credible sources

Persuasive Speech Outline


I. First sentence (greeting or strategy)

II. Strategy (e.g. asking a question, stating a statistic, telling a story, or more)

A. Elaborate above

B. Continue elaboration with another sentence

III. Specific purpose (Today I want to convince you ….)

IV. Thesis (My reasons are…two or three main reasons)


I. There are many causes of problematic internet use for adolescents.

A. According to the Journal of Child Development published in 2021 the main driver is loneliness.

1. The authors characterize loneliness as a lack of satisfying interpersonal relationships.

2. And lonely individuals perceive themselves as less socially competent.

B. In Addictive Behaviors published in 2019, the critical role of parents’ relationship is emphasized.

1. Parent neglect is reflected in unresponsiveness to adolescent needs.

2. The parents are not there.

3. Adolescents need parental attention.

(Repeat Roman numeral I for second reason and third reason (if necessary).


I. First sentence (e.g. In conclusion, today I have provided reasons to convince you ….)

A. My first reason …. (first of two or three main reasons)

B. My second reason….

C. (Third reason if necessary)

II. I encourage you to do your own research using credible sources to reach your own conclusions.

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