Read the case Why Didn’t We Know? and answer the case questions


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Read the case “ Why Didn’t We Know ” (it is included in your Harvard Business School Publishing course pack).

Be sure that you read the case carefully before answering the questions. Also, read the questions carefully to understand precisely what you are being asked to do.

Remember that the purpose of a case assignment is to help your instructor assess whether you have understood and can apply the concepts and techniques covered in this course. So, make sure that your answers are based on applying appropriate theoretical concepts and techniques discussed in class rather than on a gut feeling you might have.

Your instructor expects you to justify your answers using appropriate concepts and techniques – this demonstrates that you are becoming proficient in the leadership skills covered in this course.

In addition, you are expected to support your arguments with external references, a minimum of two references.

Once you have read the case, answer the following questions:

  1. Identify two unethical actions or decisions (related to but other than the channel-stuffing scheme itself) that you deem to be unethical. Use the ethical analysis techniques discussed in this course to explain why you consider each of these actions or decisions to be unethical. For each action or decision, what would have been a more ethical alternative course of action or decision? Explain why.
  2. The case states that Galvatrens had put in place a number of procedures and policies to detect and prevent unethical behavior. Yet, many unethical decisions were made in this company. Also, only one person came forward to report the channel stuffing scheme. Why did Galvatren’s efforts at preventing unethical behavior fail? Justify your answer using concepts discussed in this class.
  3. Do you believe that Galvatren’s board and CEO bear any responsibility for the company’s failure to promote ethical behavior? If yes, explain why. If not, explain why not. What should the board do now to prevent unethical behavior in the future? Use concepts discussed in class to justify your answer.

You will develop your answers considering an essay mode in which the answers to the questions will be presented throughout the text following appropriate logic in your writing.

You will be evaluated according to the grading rubric (attached). The document should have around 6 to 8 pages, double-spaced, include an introduction and conclusion session applying the APA guideline.

Additionally, you will see that your submission will reveal an automatic percentage of plagiarism. The settings exclude references and quotes. However, I will not accept anything above 10-15%.

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