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  1. Describe how the assigned readings, activities, assessments, and clinical experiences in this course helped you to meet Program Outcome 5: Advocates for positive health outcomes through compassionate, evidence-based, collaborative advanced nursing practice. (Extraordinary Nursing) Provide at least two specific examples.
  2. Select one of the competencies from American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials Domain 3 listed below and describe how learning in this course helped you to meet the advanced-level nursing education competency. Provide at least two specific examples.
    • 3.1 Manage population health
      • 3.1j Assess the efficacy of a system’s capability to serve a target sub-population’s healthcare needs.
      • 3.1k Analyze primary and secondary population health data for multiple populations against relevant benchmarks.
      • 3.1l Use established or evolving methods to determine population-focused priorities for care.
      • 3.1m Develop a collaborative approach with relevant stakeholders to address population healthcare needs, including evaluation methods.
      • 3.1n Collaborate with appropriate stakeholders to implement a sociocultural and linguistically responsive intervention plan.
    • 3.2 Engage in effective partnerships
      • 3.2d Ascertain collaborative opportunities for individuals and organizations to improve population health.
      • 3.2e Challenge biases and barriers that impact population health outcomes.
      • 3.2f Evaluate the effectiveness of partnerships for achieving health equity.
      • 3.2g Lead partnerships to improve population health outcomes.
      • 3.2h Assess preparation and readiness of partners to organize during natural and manmade disasters.
    • 3.3 Consider the socioeconomic impact of the delivery of health care.
      • 3.3c Analyze cost-benefits of selected population-based interventions.
      • 3.3d Collaborate with partners to secure and leverage resources necessary for effective, sustainable interventions.
      • 3.3e Advocate for interventions that maximize cost-effective, accessible, and equitable resources for populations.
      • 3.3f Incorporate ethical principles in resource allocation in achieving equitable health.
    • 3.4 Advance equitable population health policy
      • 3.4f Identify opportunities to influence the policy process.
      • 3.4g Design comprehensive advocacy strategies to support the policy process.
      • 3.4h Engage in strategies to influence policy change.
      • 3.4i Contribute to policy development at the system, local, regional, or national levels.
      • 3.4j Assess the impact of policy changes.
      • 3.4k Evaluate the ability of policy to address disparities and inequities within segments of the population.
      • 3.4l Evaluate the risks to population health associated with globalization.
    • 3.5 Demonstrate advocacy strategies
      • 3.5f Appraise advocacy priorities for a population.
      • 3.5g Strategize with an interdisciplinary group and others to develop effective advocacy approaches.
      • 3.5h Engage in relationship-building activities with stakeholders at any level of influence, including system, local, state, national, and/or global.
      • 3.5i Demonstrate leadership skills to promote advocacy efforts that include principles of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • 3.6 Advance preparedness to protect population health during disasters and public health emergencies
      • 3.6f Collaboratively initiate rapid response activities to protect population health.
      • 3.6g Participate in ethical decision making that includes diversity, equity, and inclusion in advanced preparedness to protect populations.
      • 3.6h Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to lead preparedness and mitigation efforts to protect population health with attention to the most vulnerable populations.
      • 3.6i Coordinate the implementation of evidence-based infection control measures and proper use of personal protective equipment.
      • 3.6j Contribute to system-level planning, decision making, and evaluation for disasters and public health emergencies.
  3. Select one of the competencies from the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) Core Competency Domain 5: Quality and SafetyLinks to an external site. listed below and describe how learning in this course helped you to meet the competency. Provide at least two specific examples. NP Domain 5: Quality and Safety The nurse practitioner utilizes knowledge and principles of translational and improvement science methodologies to improve quality and safety for providers, patients, populations, and systems of care.
    • NP 5.1 Apply quality improvement principles in care delivery.
      • NP 5.1p: Systematically evaluate quality and outcomes of care using quality improvement principles.
      • NP 5.1q: Evaluate the relationships and influence of access, populations, cost, quality, and safety on healthcare.
      • NP 5.1r: Evaluate the impact of organizational systems in healthcare to include care processes, financing, marketing, and policy.
    • NP 5.2 Contribute to a culture of patient safety.
      • NP 5.2k: Build a culture of safety through quality improvement methods and evidence-based interventions.
    • NP 5.3 Contribute to a culture of provider and work environment safety.
  4. Submit the assignment using correct grammar mechanics and APA style standards.
    1. Writing is free of grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors
    2. A title page is included in APA format
    3. Document is double-spaced
    4. A reference page is included if references were cited. If a reference page is included, use APA format.
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