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Student Lecture Spotlight: Assignment Prompt

Description: Students will pick a topic to “lecture” on. This will include a 10–12 minute equivalent virtual presentation (lecture video/audio recording, PowerPoint, or adjacent presentation medium approved by the professor) by the student which will introduce a primary source document related to that of the assigned reading for class for that day. For example, if the class is reading Perpetua’s Passion narrative, the student may choose to present Tertullian’s Against Heretics or Apology; if we are covering Luther’s On Christian Freedom the student may select another Luther text to present on; if the topic is “Ecclesiology” students may highlight a particular denomination’s understanding of the topic; if we are discussing Black Liberation Theology, you may consider choosing a contemporary author to supplement Cone. Both a thorough historical overview of the figure/topic and a theological wrestling with the ideas presented in the text will be required.

Purpose: This will allow the students to develop outcomes for the course and further the class’s exposure to varying authors and issues. We have a limited amount of time together, but our co-research can be beneficial for everyone. Moreover, this assignment is structured in a way that will help student’s hone research skills no matter their chosen field of study.

Requirements: In addition to the presentation, students will turn in a bibliography containing at least one (1) primary text (a source authored by the topic figure or a monograph on the theme/topic) and two (2) secondary sources (monographs, journal articles, book chapters, academic lectures, encyclopedic entries, etc.) that the student has utilized in their presentation.

Concurrently, those sources will feature in at least four direct quotes throughout the presentation. A grasp of the topic/texts cannot be demonstrated without these quotations and an explanation as to how they relate to the course material. The quotes should be at least a full paragraph in length each and cover all of the selected sources.

The presentation submission will be done via email and then I will upload it to BlackBoard where it may be viewed by their classmates (there is no in-person presentation). These presentations will be utilized to generate quiz questions/midterm and final exam questions to encourage engagement with the presentations. If you are not submitting a recorded lecture (audio or video file) then you must also submit lecture notes which equate to the allotted 10 minute minimum to read.

Grading: Please see the attached rubric for the relevant grading information.




Spotlight Process”






Not turned in ………… on-time and complete

Topic Selection: Appropriate topics, academic sources, narrow scope, clear direction

Library Check-In: In person or Zoom conference with Prof. Bull, report generated from library on analysis/appropriateness of sources

Criteria WA 1 (10%)






Unity: Clear purpose/thesis in presentation or slide comments. Clear grasp of the author, text, or theme chosen.

Evidence and Development: Supporting details. Examples, quotes, paraphrases from the text(s). Historical and theological context is covered. Sources are academic in nature and align with the prompt.

Presentation/Design: Grammar, punctuation, length, approachability. Meets length and format requirements. Chicago style conventions are followed.

Insight/Understanding: Offers commentary and analysis in response to evidence

Coherence: Logic, transitions, relationship between evidence and thesis/explanation of text(s).

Audience and engagement: Presentation vivid and polished, engaging to audience, appropriate to the scope of the course, advances the knowledge of classmates

Grade (Out of 90)



TOPIC – Eschatology: Purgatory to Roman Catholics

PRIMARY SOURCES: (use Purdue OWL to create the citation for a web resource) (Catechism — use Purdue OWL to create the citation)


Ombres, Robert. “purgatory.” The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. : Oxford University Press, , 2022. Oxford Reference. Date Accessed 6 Oct. 2023 <>.

Charlton, William. “Purgatory.” New Blackfriars, vol. 102, no. 1099, May 2021, pp. 339–51. EBSCOhost, – search this up on a database: SU purgatory AND ( catholicism or catholic church or catholic ) – search this up on a database: SR “Maccabees, 2nd 12” (possible secondary source)

Don’t forget to use that source you took pictures of (New Catholic Encyclopedia) – this is attached below (make sure to site it properly)



Acknowledge that there are different perspectives of Purgatory but this presentation will focus on the Roman Catholic Purgatory

Explain what Roman Catholic Purgatory is

Justify the definition using the bible

Use primary sources to further explain

Use secondary sources to further explain

****Don’t use any other sources, only the ones the listed above


Examples of previous Student Spotlight Assignments are also attached below

Explanation & Answer

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