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The Vatican declared that Mount Graham was not sacred because there were no shrines and because no Apaches also believed the peak to be sacred, illustrating some divergent beliefs about the nature and purpose of religion that may be seen in the battle which it results of no religious areas in mount graham. In the article of (Mount Graham science and Apache religion) it had certain beliefs that were presented father canye indicated that “he was unable to locate an actual Apache who believed the mountain to be sacred. Father Coyne declared that he would not accept Apache oral tradition and that he would need to see evidence of shrines” and that it would persuade him that the mountain was sacred. This made the mountain had a meaning of realism but with the claim that Mount Graham is a site of worship in and of itself is disputed by the Roman Catholic Church. Furthermore, if no Apaches regarded Mount Graham that would be absurd.

second one :The conflict over the Vatican’s telescope at Mount Graham reflects different assumptions about the nature and purpose of religion from the perspectives of the Western Apache community and the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church. The Western Apache population sees religion as having a strong connection to their spirituality, culture, and land. They see holy sites like Mount Graham as doors to the afterlife, and their rituals heavily rely on the surrounding environment and natural forces. Oral traditions, holy chants, and ancestors’ ties to the land are the foundation of Mount Graham’s spiritual importance. Given that their religious views are fundamental to who they are, the existence of religious shrines does not alone determine if anything is sacrosanct. The Roman Catholic Church, as represented by Jesuit Father George Coyne, emphasizes the holiness connected to religious sites and ceremonies and has a more institutionalized, organized vision of religion. This strict reading was inconsistent with Apache cultural customs or oral history. The Church’s interest in astronomy is considered as a way for it to carry out its religious obligations, including keeping a reliable calendar. In contrast to the Apache worldview, this viewpoint could result in different priorities and perceptions of sanctity. The Mount Graham Scandal serves as a reminder of the religious divisions between the Apache community and the Roman Catholic Church. While the Church sees religion as organized, the Apache community sees religion as a vital component of their identity and of their country. The issues of harmonizing various worldviews and the acknowledgment and safeguarding of religious beliefs are brought up by this struggle. The struggle between cultural practices, spiritual convictions, and scientific endeavors is caused by the Church’s interest in astronomy and the Apache community’s wish to preserve their holy mountain.

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