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Task: Prepare a technical report no longer than one page in length (figures and/or tables can be on a second page) presenting the results of a statistical analysis that addresses the scenario below. It should have three sections with headings: Objective Statement, Methods, and Results and Conclusions. Upload a pdf or Word (pdf recommended) of your report and an Excel file (upload as .xlsx or .xls) OR picture of handwritten work for your calculations. You should not submit responses to the numbered items below. These are just intended to help you complete the steps to prepare your report.

Scenario: In the city of Biloxi, Mississippi, some residents chose not to rebuild their homes after Hurricane Katrina leaving vacant lots. The city would like to invest redevelopment funds in the neighborhood with the lowest proportion of rebuilt lots. These data (attached) show the results of a survey of 30 randomly-selected lots in each of three Biloxi neighborhoods.


1. For each record (lot) in the dataset, a yes/no question was asked (redeveloped or not?), so we are working with proportions. To compare the population proportions of lots redeveloped based on the samples, we will calculate a confidence interval for the proportion of houses developed in each neighborhood. Calculate the confidence interval for each neighborhood and present the results in a table. The table will be included in your report.

2. Write your objective statement. Make sure you state the purpose of the analysis, the question or knowledge gap you are addressing, and your objective (the specific analyses you will perform).

3. Write your methods section. Make sure to include the following:

  • A brief description of the data used.
  • Why the analysis was performed and what calculations were done.
  • A description of the calculations that would allow a trained person to replicate your analysis. This should include the equation for your confidence interval and a description how the inputs were determined.

4. Write the Results and Conclusions section using the claim-evidence-reasoning framework:

  • Evaluate your confidence intervals to develop your claim. This should directly address the question/knowledge gap stated in your objective statement.
  • Follow your claim with evidence. Remember that this should be 2-3 sentences of objective (factual) statements about the statistics you calculated.
  • Finally, write the reasoning. Explain why your evidence supports the claim. You may find it helpful to explain the meaning of your confidence intervals. Tie this back to the claim by recommending a course of action for the city that is supported by your analysis.

Suggestions for Success

1. Review the notes on the claim-evidence-reasoning framework (Module 1), writing methods (Module 2), writing objective statements (Module 3), and explaining the meaning of confidence intervals (Module 4) as you work on the assignment.

2. Check the feedback you received on writing the components of a technical report in Statistical Writing Assignments 1-3 and fix any problems on this assignment.

3. Make sure your text matches the calculations you actually performed. For example, if you did the calculation with an Excel function, it should be described in your report.

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