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Cellular Biology & Case Study Discussion

Cell Morphology

Cell morphology refers to the shape of a cell. This information plays a factor in the general function and structure. The shape determines how the cell will grow, reproduce, move, and get nutrients (Cell Structure, 2019). It is very important that the cell maintain its shape so they can carry out these vital functions. Cell morphology also helps create the structure of tissues and organs. The shape of the cells allows the tissue to function properly.

Case Study

A 15-year-old male presents after ingesting windshield wiper fluid to get high. This is concerning because windshield wiper fluid’s main ingredient is methanol. Methanol can be extremely poisonous with an onset of just 30 minutes. Only 2 tablespoons can be deadly to a child and About 2 to 8 ounces can be deadly for an adult (Windshield washer fluid, 2020). The conversion of methanol to formaldehyde will cause metabolic acidosis which causes the patient to experience blurred vision, permanent blindness, or even death. Methanol will cause an elevated osmolar gap. A Gap of more than 25 between calculated and measured one indicates presence of abnormal alcohol (Methanol Toxicity Workup, 2018). Serum sodium levels can also present low and should be monitored. The Oncotic pressure will be elevated which means fluid from the tissues will be pulled into the vascular space increasing the blood volume. Many patients that ingest methanol suffer from kidney and liver damage, therefore are unable to manage their fluid and electrolytes. Many patients are placed on dialysis at this point.


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