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Please choose one of the two topics. Do NOT combine two topics in one essay.

  1. Discuss how key concepts presented in the Analects (Confucianism) have influenced the United States’ cultures or have potential to influence them.
  2. Discuss how key concepts presented in the Daode jing (Daoism) have influenced the United States’ cultures or have potential to influence them.

Note: If you think that there are little influences or potentials to influence them, you can also argue that why they are not compatible, and how those concepts could be modified for positive influence.

Your discussion includes the following three components.

(1) To identify key concepts in the text that are covered in the class and the textbook. (This assignment is NOT about general information on Confucianism at large or Daoism at large that include the diverse texts evolved over long period of time. This assignment is about these two specific texts. Instead of looking at websites or asking AI, you need to look at the PowerPoint’s and the posted texts at Canvas.)

(2) To identify cultural elements within the United States such as individual’s lifestyle, education, family life, social interactions, form of governance, leadership models, etc.

(3) To present your opinion on how key concepts discussed in (1) have influenced or potential to influence the cultural elements presented in (2).

(This assignment is about expressing your opinion, not AI, other scholars or bloggers.)

In your writings, (1) (2) (3) are intertwined in your argumentations, rather than present in sequence by making each component in a single paragraph.

1,000 words


  1. Please make a specific title by reflecting the thesis of your essay.

Ex. Not recommended: Confucianism in America

Recommended: Filial Piety in American families

Value of Learning: Confucianism and Modern American Education

  1. Your opinion should be based on the texts, the Analects or the Daode jing, and focus on the key concepts covered in the lecture and the textbook. (Do not incorporate internet sources or other people’s works on Confucianism or Daoism in this assignment.)
  2. Your references to Confucianism or Daoism should be specific, which are the Analects or the Daode jing. (Refer to the text posted on “Reading Material” at File in Canvas.
  3. Do not write general information about Confucianism or Daoism.
  4. In Introduction, instead of providing general information about Confucianism or Daoism, introduce a theme of your essay.
  5. In conclusion or concluding remarks, instead of summarizing the whole content, you write your thesis of your entire discussion.

Format guideline for academic writing

  1. Please make paragraphs. I suggest two paragraphs in a page.
  2. Please make indent in the beginning of each paragraph.
  3. Please remove extra space between paragraphs. You can fix this by clicking “Format,” then “Paragraph,” and then “don’t add space between paragraphs.”
  4. Please do not underline or italicize the title.
  5. Please capitalize title: ex. Capitalize My Title
  6. Please use double space
  7. Avoid contraction in academic writing. Ex., “isn’t” can be written as “is not.”
  8. Font size 12 is the standard.
  9. Do NOT capitalize or italicize in order to emphasize a word.

10. Please capitalize and italicize a title of book, The Analects

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