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Incorporating Outside Sources

This exercise is to allow you to practice the conventions of INTRODUCING QUOTATIONS that you use in your research papers, and how to use ellipsis points and brackets to make minor changes within a quotation.

The following paragraph is from a book titled A Short History of English Literature, by Ifor Evans. It is the fourth edition, published in 1976 by Penguin Books in Baltimore, Maryland. The quotation appears on page 15.

Here are the tools you’ll need to do this correctly:

. . . Ellipsis: Used to skip a few WORDS in a quotation (The quotation must still make sense even without the missing words, so be careful).

. . . . 4-period ellipsis: Used to skip A SENTENCE OR MORE in a quotation (still must make sense!).

{ ] Square brackets: Used to add in small amounts of information within a quotation (don’t overuse this, and only add necessary info).

Block quotations: Used to designate longer quotations, usually longer than four lines. See page 314 of your Writer’s Harbrace for an example of how it should look.

‘ ‘ Single quotation marks: Used to designate quoted material WITHIN the quotation you are using. So–the main quotation is surrounded with regular double quotation marks, but anything that the author put in quotation marks should go in SINGLE quotation marks.

Phrase introduction to a quotation: I’m using this to describe a simple attributive tag, like “John Smith explains.”

Complete sentence introduction to a quotation: this is a longer introduction that includes an element of summary of what’s coming. It is always followed by a COLON,

(You may want to refer to the handout on Quote Introduction Templates to see examples of this).

The paragraph has been broken down into numbered sentences strictly as a matter of convenience.

  1. The two most important events in the history of England took place before the Norman Conquest.
  2. It was in that period that the Angles and Saxons and Jutes came to England in marauding bands and made English history possible.
  3. From all accounts they were respectable gentlemen when at home, but they changed their manners when they were looking for “Lebensraum.”
  4. They were heathen, and the second great event at that time is the conversion of the English to Christianity.
  5. In 597 Augustine had come from Rome and begun to convert the Jutes in Kent, while about the same time monks from Ireland were setting up monasteries in Northumbria.
  6. Most English poetry in the early Anglo-Saxon period is associated with these two events.

Quote, according to the instructions, from the above paragraph. In each case, provide parenthetical documentation in correct MLA format.

  1. Quote sentence #1; introduce the quotation with an appropriate phrase.
  2. Quote sentence #3; introduce the quotation with an appropriate complete sentence.
  3. Write a sentence in which you quote, with an appropriate introduction, those parts of sentence #5 that tell when Augustine came to England and from where, and what the monks from Ireland were doing at the same time, but not anything at all about Augustine’s conversion of the Jutes.
  4. Combine sentences #1 and #6 into a single direct quotation; introduce the quotation with an appropriate phrase.
  5. Professor Evans identifies two significant events in English history before the Norman Conquest. Write a single sentence in which you identify these two events. In your sentence, quote directly from the paragraph above the relevant parts of sentence #2 and sentence #4.
  6. Combine sentences #3 and #4 into a single direct quotation using block quotation
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