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The essay will be a Literary Analysis for The House on Mango Street. Below, I will provide a first draft.

“The House on Mango Street” depicts the constant challenges and triumphs over
identity and personal aspirations of the protagonist Esperanza, a Latina girl who grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Chicago. Throughout the novel, Esperanza’s
journey of self-discovery and belonging unfolds. Esperanza’s identity is deeply influenced by her culture and being a Latina girl. She grapples with traditional gender roles and social expectations that limit her freedom and shape her sense of self. Esperanza longs for a sense of belonging. She dreams of owning a house of her own, away from the poverty and restrictions of Mango Street. She longs for a better life, works hard to get rid of the constraints of the environment, and wants to find a place that truly belongs to herself. Throughout the novel, Esperanza uses story telling as a means of expressing herself. She saw the power of language to change her identity and future. The stories she shares with readers and neighbors are testament to the transformation she has
experienced from embracing her voice. In The House on Mango Street, the author discusses the topic of identity and belonging through the character Esperanza. As Esperanza faces the challenges of her
community, her journey emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and the impact
culture has on people. Through her experience, one is reminded of people’s desire to find a place that truly belongs to them.

The following is feedback provided by the instructor.

1. Intro has good background information and context. It does lack a topic sentence and a thesis statement though.
2. There is not a clear thesis statement that addresses the prompt or that follows a correct thesis format.
3. For body paragraph 1, it has a good topic sentence, but the rest of the paragraph goes on to talk about different things. For example, your topic sentence talks about how Esperanza’s identity is influenced by her culture and being a Latina girl. But then you go on to talk about gender roles and social expectations. If you’re going to talk about all those things, I think you should put that in the topic sentence so readers know what the paragraph will be about and everything connects. Body paragraphs 2 and 3 do a good job of connecting topic sentences with your main points. Each body paragraph does make points that are distinct from what has been discovered. Something that all paragraphs need to have is actual evidence from the book and analysis to support all the points you made in each body paragraph. When you add evidence from the book to support your claims, make sure to use proper in text citation.
4. I can’t tell what the organization of the paper is. Some of the main concepts talked about are a sense of belonging and identity. It doesn’t flow logically and there aren’t transition phrases used to connect ideas between body paragraphs.
5. Writing foundations and various elements of an essay aren’t met. Sentences aren’t structured logically or clearly. The essay or sentences aren’t in MLA format.
6. Author doesn’t clearly identify their sources or use proper in text citation.
Essay doesn’t answer the prompt. It doesn’t meet the stated requirements for the word count, MLA format, evidence from primary text, creative title.
7. The paper’s greatest strengths are the ideas and claims about how Esperanza’s experiences create the importance of identity and belonging. This is a good start to the essay, just needs to be more organized, needs a thesis statement, and evidence with analysis.

Please use the MLA format to write an analysis about The House on Mango Street, based on this information.

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