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First, you going to do the discussion post with 300 words, then you going to answer 2 students with 50 words minimum each, and then you going to answer 2 more students with 100 words minimum. so 1 post and 4 students answers. do not use chatgbt or plagiarize as I will check for those in Turnitin.

View the Medical Robots Speech. Identify the main points of the speech and the supporting materials used for each. Evaluate the speaker’s use of supporting materials in light of the criteria discussed in Chapter 8. Be sure to incorporate the criteria in your main post. Remember to reference Lucas with page numbers and respond to 2 classmates check the book to answer

Tara First student 50 words answer:The main point of his entire speech was to explain to us how our world is now moving into a robotic environment. As he started his introduction, he began with a vivid example of a time where a robot was performing a surgery and the surgeon did and made certain movements that the robot would then mimic in order to perform a kidney transplant, which supported his point that the world is changing from human performance into robotic performance. “The richly textured example supplies everyday details that help pull listeners into a speech” (Lucas 140). Beginning with an example so vivid and rich, it definitely pulled me in and made me want to listen to what he had to say.

Onto his first body point, he goes to explain that robots being in the surgical room are becoming more and more normal as time passes, which he called the “world of medical robots.” Beginning with the orderly robot, he explained what they doing and their primary functions, he then showed an image of what this was and how it moves around. He even included a quote from the director of the food services in Memorial Hospital, Mark Wiegel, supporting what he is informing us on. “Examples are an excellent way to clarify unfamiliar or complex ideas. They put abstract ideas into concrete terms that listeners can easily understand” (Lucas 138). This is exactly what the speaker did, he knew we probably knew either absolutely nothing or very little about this topic, so he included a credible source as well as a deep explanation in his speech as to what exactly he was talking about.

He then moved onto explain the remote-presence robot, which allows doctors to interact with their patients even when they are not there. He uses current, at the time, news reports in order to support him as well, giving him credibility about the topic he is explaining. The speaker also uses more than one source to really prove his statements. “When citing sources in a speech you need to let your audience know where you got your information and why they should accept it as qualified and credible… this means identifying the document you are citing…” (Lucas 156). The speaker did a fantastic job at this, every time he referenced a person or any sort of article he always made sure to cite and let us know where exactly he pulled his information from.

He hits his last point on surgical robots, which he connects back to his introduction to remind the listener about the visual description of this specific robot performing a surgery on a patient. He also uses yet another article to elaborate on his point about this robot. In addition to this the speaker uses a powerpoint to show images on what he was talking about because he knows that more than likely not all of his audience is going to know what exactly he is talking about. He also goes to explain that the surgeon is always in control, giving the audience a peace of mind about the next time they or their loved ones may have surgery, because not everyone will feel comfortable about this new change. However, he quotes Dr. Jeffery Wolf, who is a surgeon himself, giving the speaker even more credibility in addition to support, potentially making the audience feel relatively better about robots performing surgery. Wrapping up he explains how using these kinds of machines, it allows for things such as faster healing and less complications. “Citing the views of people who are experts is a good way to lend credibility to your speeches. It shows that you are not just mouthing about your own opinion.” (Lucas 149). Hearing that this came from a doctor themselves kind of put my mind at ease when even thinking about an actual robot doing a surgery.

For his conclusion, he hits back on all of his points and how robots are now changing modern medicine for the better.

Mariam Second student 50 words: The core message of his speech centered on transforming our world into a realm dominated by robotics. In his opening, he vividly recounted a scenario where a robot replicated a surgeon’s movements during a kidney transplant, underscoring the shift from human to robotic performance. As noted by Lucas, the engaging example effectively drew the audience into the speech, making them eager to hear more. Transitioning to his first main point, he delved into the increasing prevalence of robots in surgical settings, labeling it the “world of medical robots.” He meticulously detailed the functions of orderly robots, supplementing his explanations with visuals and a quote from Memorial Hospital’s food services director, Mark Wiegel. This approach, as Lucas suggests, clarified complex ideas through concrete examples and credible sources, catering to an audience likely unfamiliar with the topic. Continuing his exploration, he focused on remote-presence robots that enable doctors to interact with patients from a distance. He reinforced his arguments with current news reports, demonstrating his commitment to credible sourcing and information transparency. Lucas’ emphasis on citing sources was evident in the speaker’s meticulous referencing of articles and experts, enhancing the audience’s confidence in the presented information. Concluding with surgical robots, he skillfully tied back to the introductory visual description, reinforcing the significance of robotic advancements. Utilizing a PowerPoint presentation, he recognized the audience’s potential lack of familiarity with the subject, ensuring clarity through visuals. By citing Dr. Jeffery Wolf, a practicing surgeon, he not only added credibility but also alleviated concerns about robotic surgeries. As Lucas highlights, incorporating expert views enhances speech credibility and demonstrates a commitment beyond personal opinion. Ultimately, the speaker reassured the audience about the benefits of robotic surgery, emphasizing faster healing and fewer complications. This aligns with Lucas’ advice on leveraging expert opinions to bolster the persuasive impact of a speech.

Hunter First student 100 words answer:The results of my Shafir’s Self-Listening test are 20 points. I would say these results surprised me quite a bit. I did answer quite a couple sometimes, since every now and again outside factors numb me from listening, such as lack of sleep or distractions about important things coming up in the near future. The fact I scored one point of off excellent had me quite surprised considering how I approached the test. I would honestly say that a majority of people will likely get either 21+ or the 15-20 range. Most of these questions range in the spectrum of just having good manners, so a lot of people abide to these kinds of cues as much as possible.

I would say the main distractions I have are actually outside factors to the discussions. It could be some big assignment coming up in a few days. I could also be distracted thinking about work tomorrow, or even what I was doing just before the talk if it had importance to me. It is outside factors like these that normally influence my listening behavior due to the fact that I know it will impact me in the near future, and I dislike things that will impact my free time often.

My main recommendation for tackling these kinds of distractions is to distance yourself from anything that may cause distractions an hour before you do something. For example, when I get ready to go to work, I distance myself from my computer an hour before, because I know it will be difficult to stop thinking about it if I cut myself off and rush to work last minute. The same can also be said heading over to hang out with friends or going to a meeting. If you are doing something that may weigh on your mind, it is best to just stop a bit early as to let these thoughts vent from your mind beforehand.

Joseph Second student with 100 words:

My test score results for the PRCA-24 self-assessment are as follows (1 being strongly disagree and 5 strongly agree), 3 strongly disagree, 10 disagree, 3 undecided, 8 agree, and interestingly I had none that I said I strongly agree with. I ended with a total score of 56 for my total score, which is well below the average of 65.5 (Engleberg &Wynn, 2013, p. 47). My scores for group discussion, meetings, interpersonal conversations, and public speaking are as follows: 23, 25, 24, 22. While my overall score was low my score for the individual categories was above average for every single category. I would say I agree with my results from this test, and reflects how I am in these group discussions.

I personally had no scores in the strongly agree range of questions which is why my overall score is much lower than the average. I think this is due to the fact that I would not consider myself overly nervous for any type of group discussion but I also would not say that I am completely comfortable either. I like to think that I have found a good middle ground where I’m not so nervous that I am too scared to contribute, but where I am attentive and actively participating in the discussion. A lot of the disagreeing scores that I marked down had to do with nervousness and or being tense in group discussion, I would not say that I am a nervous person which is reflected in my test. The 8 agreeing selections that I made had to do with contributing to group discussion and public speaking. One thing that is drilled into pro pilot students here at MTSU is to advocate for yourself, and if you see something wrong then say something. One final aspect that helps me with public speaking is the amount I have learned and practiced. At MTSU and in high school I took public speaking classes, which now enables me to speak confidently and organize my thoughts into an effective speech.

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