configure and server scan , Set up window server


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configure DB,SSH on linux server , set up window sever and configure os, fw apparmor, http pop3s,imap , smstps, dns , db, ssh,

only port numbers on both servers for DB,SSH , close other ports thats not db , ssh

You will need to reserve “All Labs” for your servers. (This is where you configure and harden your own servers.)
For the same exact reservation time as your “All Labs” also choose “Vuln Assessment” option and make a reservation too.
The “Vuln Assessment” option has a Kali server already installed and ready for use. You will find the Credentials to use for Kali below.
You may choose to use nmap from terminal or choose zenmap application for a GUI whichever you prefer to use is allowable for the server check assignment.
I suggest you review the report template “services checklist” that we will use for server check assignment as you review your own servers. Keep in mind that for server check#1, we will be looking on our nmap/zenmap scan results for services/protocols to be “open” that we have researched/covered in Service Group1. HINT: you may find other services/protocols showing in your scan results that are NOT those that we have researched and for those you will need to research how to disable or block. You will see *unnecessary on the provided checklist assignment as a hint for you that the particular protocol/service should be disabled or blocked on your servers. When filling out the checklist after scanning your partner’s servers, you will still need to input YES or NO in all cells of the checklist table even when it shows unnecessary.
Kali Credentials
username – root
password – infosec
Please note: You must use either zenmap or nmap tool from the provided Kali server when scanning your partner’s servers for the server check assignments. I will NOT accept results from nmap that is running on the same server that is being scanned. Nmap can be used from terminal command line while Zenmap is found under Information Gathering and Zenmap. Zenmap is a graphical user interface for nmap so either tool is acceptable for our port scanning purposes. If you are unfamiliar or need a refresher about nmap here is a link about it.

linux server

username xmorgan

password xmorgan304

For the server check assignment: You will need to make a TEAM reservation within Netlab then choose “All Labs” for one of your group member’s servers AND then make another reservation and choose “Vuln Assessment” option for the exact same time.
Please work among your group members of who is scanning each other’s servers. For example a group of 3: member A scans member B, member B scans member C, and member C scans member A. For example a group of 4: member A scans B, B scans A, C scans D and D scans C.
It is totally acceptable that if you do not see your group member’s name that you are suppose to scan then you may choose any classmate’s name that is available to you at the time needed for the assignment. If by some strange reason you cannot see anyone’s name in Netlab TEAM reservation then you may scan your own servers. Group/Team changes in Netlab rely on the Netlab Admin making them and these changes cannot be done quickly or on short notice!
From Kali server, use zenmap/nmap to scan your group member’s servers to review results and obtain screenshots for the server check assignment to help fill out the checklist.
WARNING: Netlab reservations during server check week fill out quickly 48-72 hours before due date so plan accordingly as I do not accept late assignments.
TIP: if you use nmap/zenmap and see a message similar to “server is down or unavailable” then navigate back to reservations by clicking “MyNETLAB” at top left and then click “Enter Lab” for “All Labs” to ensure both servers are up and if you still see the message check the IP address

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