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Task 1- Choose a Recipe

Choose a recipe, either a personal favorite or one that looks interesting, that you would like to modify. Choose one or more of the following modifications that you would like to make to the recipe:

  • Reduce calories
  • Replace saturated fat with monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat
  • Reduce fat
  • Increase fiber
  • Replace simple carbohydrate with complex carbohydrate
  • Replace animal protein with plant protein
  • Increase protein
  • Or something else! Message me for approval.

Task 2- Modify and Share

In the discussion forum you will provide us with the following:

  • A link to the recipe or copy/paste the recipe. (1 point)
  • Tell us what kind of modification you are making. (1 point)
  • Explain how you would modify the recipe. (1.5 points)
  • Provide us with a comparison of the nutrition information from the original recipe versus the modified recipe. (1.5 points)
    • You only have to share the component that you are changing. For instance, if you are trying to decrease the total fat you would provide the total fat from the original recipe and the estimated total fat for the modified one.


https://www.servingdumplings.com/recipes/baked-meatballs-with-orzo-in-roasted-pepper-sauce/Links to an external site.

I will be reducing the total amount of saturated fat for this Baked Meatball and Orzo recipe. I would modify first modify the recipe by switching the meat from ground beef to ground turkey. Next, I would use flaxseed instead of egg (flaxseed is a great egg alternative in cooking and baking!). Then, I would opt for nonfat mozzarella and low fat ricotta. The original recipe had approximately 75 grams of saturated fat for the entire dish (18.75 g/serving). With my modifications, the saturated fat would be reduced to 11 grams of saturated fat for the entire dish (2.75 g/serving)!

Submission and Grading

You will have until the last day of class, Saturday, October 14th to submit this. This is an extra credit assignment that is worth 5 extra credit points.

*You do not need to do a peer response. This is more for everyone to share their ideas!

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