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  1. Go to a used car website ( tends to work well).
  2. Pick a popular make and model (such as Chevrolet Camaro) and search for this make and model within 250 miles (approximately) of your ZIP code. (Note: Just for the purposes of this project, if you get less than 50 results, expand your search area or pick a different vehicle.)
  3. Using one the sampling methods described in the first unit of the course, gather an unbiased sample of 30 used cars of whatever make and model you chose.
  4. Record the sale price, mileage, exterior color, and one additional variable that has 2-3 possible outcomes, such as: sustained damage or not, convertible or not, single owner or not, transmission type (manual or automatic), drivetrain (RWD, FWD, AWD/4WD), fuel type (gas, electric, hybrid), etc. Do not pick a variable if every car in your sample has the same outcome (e.g. if every car is not a convertible, don’t pick convertible/not convertible as your fourth variable).
  5. Using StatCrunch and Word (or another word processing program) complete the write up section below.

Please submit your responses to these questions/tasks as a Word document, pdf file, or using the text entry option.

Write Up:

  1. Identify the population, sample, variables, and individual. For each variable, identify the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) and whether it is quantitative or qualitative.
  2. Describe the sampling method chosen and how it will produce an unbiased sample of the population.
  3. Using StatCrunch, for each of your quantitative variables, calculate and report the sample size, mean, standard deviation, 5 number summary (min, Q1, med, Q3, and max).
  4. For both the price and mileage variables, produce a histogram and a box plot using StatCrunch and copying the pictures over to Word. Interpret these graphs. Hint: You can interpret them by identifying the shape of the distribution, the direction of skew, and identifying potential outliers.
  5. For the exterior color variable, provide a frequency or relative frequency table and a pie chart. Interpret/discuss these results. Hint: You can interpret the results by discussing what is the most frequent and least frequent color.
  6. Upload your data set as well (either as a table in your file with the items listed above, or as a separate CSV or Excel file).


The modules have tutorials on how to create graphs and calculate summary statistics in StatCrunch. I’d recommend you watch the relevant videos if you haven’t already. 🙂

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