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Human trafficking and other human rights issues are typically good issues for ________, as they can be more easily framed for policymakers, mass media, and the public.

Question 1 options:

boomerang patterns

international campaigns

agenda setting

issue linkages

Question 2 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best demonstrates the concept of global economic integration?

Question 2 options:

a conversion through which states move to a market that is controlled by government officials

a move to a market structure where a single international entity is the primary consumer of goods and services

a shift to an environment where states strive to maximize the use of each economic asset they produce

a process of combining multiple national economies into a single economy

Question 3 (2.475 points)

Kwame is a sales representative and has a salary of $100,000 per year. Last year, the flow of imports into his country increased, leading to decreases in the prices of consumer goods. Based on this information, we know that Kwame’s ________ will ________

Question 3 options:

specialization, increase.

demand, stay the same.

real income, increase.

real income, decrease.

Question 4 (2.475 points)

Three different organizations gather information regarding reported human rights violations around the globe. Two other organizations use this information to research and create reports summarizing the outcomes of the investigations tied to each abuse. The different organizations in this scenario can be best described as ________ in a transnational network.

Question 4 options:





Question 5 (2.475 points)

Exie lives in a state where large numbers of buyers and sellers make it impossible for consumers and producers to set the terms of a sale independently. Exie most likely lives in a state that uses a(n) ________ economy.

Question 5 options:





Question 6 (0.75 points)

Question 6 options:

Extensive literature in comparative politics shows that rising income levels within countries make the presence of ________ more likely.

Question 7 (1.5 points)

In a monopoly, high quantities of buyers and sellers render an individual actor incapable of setting the terms of any exchange.

Question 7 options:

Question 8 (2.475 points)

Nonstate ________, like multinational corporations and international organizations that interact with and challenge states within the international realm, are best described as being part of global civil society.

Question 8 options:

transnational actors

domestic networks

advocacy groups

issue gatekeepers

Question 9 (0.75 points)

Question 9 options:

Transnational actors often play a vital role in the process of ________, or deciding what issues do and do not become the subject of international debate and mobilization.

Question 10 (2.475 points)

The international system will most likely see a rise in democratic transitions, along with a decrease in democracies reverting into autocratic regimes, as ________ increases.

Question 10 options:





Question 11 (0.75 points)

Question 11 options:

Transnational networks include ________, which are defined as any center or initiator of activity or information.

Question 12 (2.475 points)

A dictator recently took control of a small state. One of his first acts after coming into power was to close the borders to imports and exports. The dictator’s actions in this example have created a condition of ________

Question 12 options:





Question 13 (0.75 points)

Question 13 options:

A(n) ________ economy is a mode of organizing national economic activity in which government officials, rather than decentralized markets, possess significant power to determine how economic resources are used.

Question 14 (0.75 points)

Question 14 options:

The gains from trade that stem from differences in the relative efficiency of individuals, firms, or whole economies in the production of some mix of goods is called ________.

Question 15 (0.75 points)

Question 15 options:

Broad collections of nongovernmental organizations and other groups with a common goal are referred to as ________.

Question 16 (2.475 points)

TOLERANT is a European project whose goal is to help victims of human trafficking reintegrate into labor markets around the world. The project is made up of many organizations, institutions, policymakers, and authorities. The TOLERANT project can be best described as a(n) ________

Question 16 options:

international nongovernmental organization.

transnational network.

ideological movement.

multinational corporation.

Question 17 (2.475 points)

In a competitive market, what happens to the demand for a cell phone as the price increases?

Question 17 options:

it decreases

it increases

it reaches a state of equilibrium

it stays the same

Question 18 (2.475 points)

United States government contracts make up nearly all of Lockheed Martin’s annual sales. The relationship between the United States and Lockheed Martin can be best described as a(n) ________

Question 18 options:


competitive economy.



Question 19 (1.5 points)


Autarky is a condition that exists when trade is limited or absent between segmented or national markets.

Question 19 options:

Question 20 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best describes an essential feature of a successful transnational advocacy campaign like the International Campaign to Ban Landmines?

Question 20 options:

The campaign will focus on subjective information regarding the problem.

The campaign will recruit and cultivate well-known international figures to support the cause.

The campaign will place significant pressure on civilians and corporations to donate to the campaign.

The campaign will center on new issues and norms while avoiding established problems.

Question 21 (1.5 points)

The boomerang pattern is a strategy by which domestic groups—blocked from affecting foreign states by oppressive policies—link with their home state governments to have their voices heard.

Question 21 options:

Question 22 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best represents the principle of comparative advantage?

Question 22 options:

a government that is the sole consumer of nuclear power produced by a utility company

a corporation that can manufacture cell phones at a lower price than any competitors

a country that can produce technology components more efficiently than automobiles

a state that refuses to allow imports or exports of any kind to cross its borders

Question 23 (2.475 points)

Over the past decade, a state has hindered attempts by a domestic group to advocate for pollution reform. The domestic group enlists the aid of an international group focused on global clean air initiatives. Their actions spark global attention to their cause and lead a coalition of states to apply pressure on their state officials. This scenario can be best described as an example of ________

Question 23 options:

domestic campaigning.

the boomerang pattern.

a transnational linkage.

agenda setting.

Question 24 (1.5 points)

The global civil society consists of a web of nonstate actors and organizations that focus on transnational issues.

Question 24 options:

Question 25 (2.475 points)

The Sisterhood Is Global Institute is an international nongovernmental organization that has been a consultant to the United Nations for over three decades. The Institute works with individuals and organizations around the globe and is dedicated to the support and promotion of women’s rights. The Sisterhood Is Global Institute can be best described as part of a(n) ________

Question 25 options:

ideological movement.

transnational advocacy network.

issue gatekeeper.

multinational organization.

Question 26 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best represents a means by which states can offset some of the economic risks of globalization?

Question 26 options:

by increasing state exports for all goods and services that maintain an absolute advantage

by lowering the price of the state’s consumer goods to boost real income

by transitioning the state to a command economy

by delegating control of state economic policies to international organizations

Question 27 (2.475 points)

A company manufactures cell phones in its home country and often uses software consultants from abroad to develop and produce component parts used in the cell phones. The component parts provided by the software consultants in this example can be best described as an ________ to the home country.

Question 27 options:





Question 28 (2.475 points)

Hezbollah was formed with the aid of Ayatollah Khomeini’s followers to spread the Islamic revolution around the globe. Hezbollah can be best described as a(n) ________

Question 28 options:

international nongovernmental organization.

ideological movement.

international organization.

transnational network.

Question 29 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best represents an example of an issue gatekeeper?

Question 29 options:

a prominent international nongovernmental organization that decides to initiate an advocacy campaign for an international problem

a state that works with domestic groups to exert pressure on another state regarding an oppressive policy

an international organization that compiles potential norm violations prior to public dissemination

a transnational advocacy group that determines which international issues are worth pursuing

Question 30 (2.475 points)

________ is an essential process by which issues are vetted by transnational actors to determine where to put their time, energy, and resources.

Question 30 options:

Agenda setting

Issue advocacy

Node dissemination

International campaigning

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