intervention and evaluation


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Describe the practice population’s goals and objectives using the SMART format. These goals should be measurable and specific to the client or key stakeholders.

  • For DP students, this should be a mutually agreed-upon list of goals and objectives for your individual client.
  • For CAP students, this will be a mutually agreed upon list of goals and objectives from key stakeholders.


Conduct a review of the relevant literature and provide a rationale for the selection of an evidence-based intervention strategy. Identify and describe the theoretical practice model supporting the selected intervention strategy. If the intervention is not supported by a practice theory, identify and describe one that could have been used to facilitate better outcomes.


Describe the intervention from beginning to end, including termination. If you have not yet concluded the intervention or terminated with the practice population, describe your plans for how you will do this. Include a discussion of how you helped the practice population prevent or resolve problems. Include a discussion of you negotiated, mediated, and advocated for your practice population.

Practice Techniques

Identify and discuss three (3) practice techniques used with the practice population during the intervention. PLEASE make sure to cite each of the techniques used in the intervention. These are not the engagements skills used in the prior paper but are grounded in the practice theory used above.

Evaluation Method

Describe your evaluation plan to measure the effectiveness of the selected intervention. Include a description of the methods used to evaluate change and improvement with the practice population.

  • For DP students, this is likely a single subject research design (SSRD) or a pre-test/post-test observation.
  • For CAP students, you likely conducted a program evaluation (e.g, needs assessment, process evaluation, outcome evaluation). Other methods may be used, but these are the most common.

Provide a rationale for the evaluation method selected. Describe the method used including the type of method (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods), variables assessed, data collection procedures, sampling plan (if applicable), and instruments used. Be sure and include citations for any instruments used and include a blank copy in the appendix. If your agency does not have a method for assessing outcomes, propose an appropriate method including the components listed above.

Evaluation Results

Discuss the results of the evaluation. For DP students, discuss whether the individual client outcomes improved. Discuss what went well with the intervention and what could be done to improve the client’s outcomes.

Evaluation Critique

Critique the intervention and be specific using the data you collected to support your thoughts and recommendations.

  • For DP students, discuss how the intervention could be viewed as empowering or discriminatory/oppressive.
  • For CAP students, discuss recommendations based on the evaluation.


Identify and describe one or more potential ethical and values conflict related to the intervention or evaluation for this practice situation.

Social Justice

Conclude with a discussion of the policy, practice, and research implications of the evaluation. Based on your intervention evaluation, what needs to be kept, expanded, advocated, research and/or modified in the intervention selected. Ask yourself, is this intervention meeting the client’s or key stakeholders goals?


  • The body of the paper should be 4-6 pages, excluding the cover page and reference page.
  • Use APA 7th edition for formatting and citing in the body of the paper and references. Remember, this section of the paper should be written in 3rd person.
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