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PART 1* For this assignment I want you to find a news article on a team that was very productive/effective.

After reading the article write a 2-3 page summary that includes the following:

  • Explain who the team is and how they were productive/effective.
  • Identify the elements of that team that helped to make them a high functioning team.
  • What came together to make that team work so well?
  • PART 2* Let’s talk about teams you have been involved in. Tell us about the most rewarding team experience you have been in and what made it a success. Then tell me about your worst team experience. Why did that team not work out well.

PART 3 **This may include things like: team selection, a clear purpose, the role of leaders, communication, trust , or other qualities that worked to make this team a success.

Respond to the following in your initial post:

  • What is your favorite sport?
  • Imagine you have been hired by your favorite sports team to help them select next years new recruits.
  • What qualities are you going to look for?
  • How can you ensure you find the right fit to bring your team to the championship?
  • PART 4***For this weeks assignment you will practice developing agendas and setting up online collaboration meetings. This week you will set up a meeting between you and your instructor. First you will set an agenda for the meeting. What do you want to talk about? What are your action points? We can discuss the course, or any academic questions you want to address, perhaps you have questions on career resources or masters programs? The agenda is up to you.Next you will chose a video conferencing system. Here again the choice is yours. There are many video conferencing systems with free trial periods such as zoho meeting, zoom room or go to meetings. Perhaps for your agenda a less formal style would be better skype or facetime?Then pick a time. Remember to avoid dead zones and find a mutually convenient time. Send a meeting invite. This may be through your video conferencing service or email. Once a meeting has been secured be sure to send the agenda in advance.Then it’s time for your meeting. You will contact your instructor and conduct a meeting covering your agenda. Don’t worry the meeting can be brief and your instructor does not bite. This exercise will develop your skills in hosting a team meeting and hopefully leave you with the confidence to conduct future team meetings as needed.
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