Organic Chem Lab report


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LAB REPORT. oxidation of Benzaldehyde. (will provide the data from the lab)

lab report assignment criteria.


PURPOSE – in 3-4 sentences, summarize the purpose of the laboratory experiments. This includes theory (major points discussed in the background reading) as well as practical (procedures learned/accomplished in the experimental portion of the lab).

REACTION/MECHANISM – if a chemical reaction or mechanism is studied, include in report.

TABLE OF REAGENTS – in table/tabular form, list all reagents and important information into separate columns. Example columns to include in a table:

Reagent / MW (g/mol) / Quantity (g or mL, etc.) / moles (mol) / other critical properties (mp/bp/d)

PROCEDURE/OBSERVATIONS – in paragraph form, using scientific language (no me/I/we – use 3rd person passive voice), describe the procedures used in the experiment. Indicate observations with the procedure (quantitative data/measurements as well as qualitative data/sensory observations).

Use perfect past tense, 3rd person passive voice. (Indicate what WAS done, no I/me/we).

Example (Bad)

We added HCI to the vial. Then we heat it in the water bath and cooled.

– no I/we/me/us. Take yourselves out of the report. Focus on the experiment.

How much HCI? What concentration?

Heat for how long, at what temperature?

Any changes/observation noted during these steps?

Example (Good) 5.0mL of 2.0M HCI was added to the vial, causing the mixture to become warm.

After capping tightly, the mixture was heated in a boiling water bath for 15 min, then cooled to room temperature. A white precipitate was visible in the mixture upon cooling.

DATA/CALCULATIONS – in table/tabular form, organize any data obtained or calculated data.

Show all calculations BELOW the data table, labeling the calculation.

RESULTS – in 2-3 paragraphs, restate the experimental findings, and then compare the findings and theory when analyzing results (was theory produced in results or not?) Suggest any adjustments to procedure if redone, or any errors made during the experiment that affected the outcome of the experiment.

Use perfect past tense, 3rd person passive voice. (Analyze the outcome found, no I/me/we).

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