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Please respond to discussion below using current APA edition and 2 scholarly references. Must be at least 150 words.

For this first week of our clinical rotation, I will start clinical this Friday due to having to work full-time at the beginning of the week and reading for our upcoming exam. I will say that I have experienced challenges in trying to balance working and going to clinical. However, now that I have completed my adult clinical, I know how to prepare for this rotation and how to better manage working & going to the clinic. Luckily, I will be completing my clinical rotation this semester at the same clinic site and with the same preceptor. This will be very helpful because I understand the office and the patient load that I will encounter. Also, my preceptor is very understanding of my work schedule, but still challenges me as a student which I very much appreciate.

Another challenge I encountered was looking for a different clinical site. I knew that I could use my previous preceptor because of the vast number of women he saw as patients, so I kept that clinic site in mind. However, I did reach out to other clinics such as Planned Parenthood and Women’s clinics. Issues I encountered with those clinic sites is not receiving responses back or those clinical sites were already at their capacity of accepting students. When speaking to other students, they were encountering the same two issues. I can understand why so many sites were at capacity because not every Women’s center accepts students due to private practices and hospitals would usually have resident medical students occupying those spaces with physicians. According to Jassim et al. (2022), it is essential for nursing students to use their education and clinical experiences to become independent professionals & to ensure safe evidence-based care of good quality. This experience definitely showed me that there are less opportunities for clinical sites for Women in comparison to adults clinical, which was very challenging.

I chose to complete this rotation at the same clinical site because to my surprise, quite many women go to this clinic for gynecological complaints. During my previous clinical rotation, I completed a pap smear and pelvic examination within my second week! I thought that was amazing and did not realize how difficult those actually are, but now I feel much more comfortable going into this next rotation The following week after that, I encountered a patient who had a cesarean delivery 7 weeks prior to her office visit and had concerns regarding her incision and if it was infected. According to Tesfaye et al. (2022), surgical site infections can be classified as superficial incisional surgical site infections which involve only the skin or subcutaneous tissue, deep incisional, which involve the fascia layer. I have 5 years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse, so I felt very comfortable addressing her concerns because assessing incision sites is something I have to do after surgery. I was very grateful for the opportunities I had to work and care for many women because I was exposed to obstetrical and gynecological patients earlier than anticipated.

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