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Please respond to discussion below using current APA edition and 2 scholarly references. Must be at least 150 words.

This week, my clinical experience entailed both challenges and success. First, I was so nervous as I had to meet with my preceptor. I was filled with many emotions leading up to the day, but once I arrived, all the nerves went away, and I was ready to learn. I was able to meet with my preceptor for a short visit and was oriented to the clinic and staff. The preceptor provided me with the Do’s and Don’ts. The preceptor gave me her expectations and informed me to ask questions no matter what. The preceptor asked me about my plans and to share some goals I had while in clinical. This was a success for me as I was filled with questions, and my preceptor answered all my questions with a smile. Next, I was educated on the system used and the amount of access I would have to the patient’s chart.

This week, I was unable to start clinical; however, I will begin to see patients next week. My plan for success in this course is to ensure that I am focused and reviewing my patient’s notes to understand my patients and their needs. I look forward to learning medications and understanding the selection of choice and what makes this selection appropriate. I want to ensure that I master the plan of care, be empathic to patients, and be functional in the practice. I plan to communicate with my preceptor about any challenges I may encounter as a student clinician under the preceptor’s supervision.

Women’s health is intricate as many women will or have faced diverse health concerns across their lifetime, which can affect their overall quality of health (Pitts et al., 2019). Therefore, as student clinicians, it is imperative that women are not just treated for their health conditions but also educated on preventing illnesses and diseases that can lead to poor health outcomes (Gonzales et al., 2020). This clinical experience is essential as there is a need to decrease morbidity and mortality rates for women (Gonzales et al., 2020). This includes appropriate education in women’s health and guidance when applicable. Therefore, the student must understand how to listen to the patients and take the preceptor’s advice and suggestions (Gonzales et al., 2020). This type of experience will aid in ensuring that the skills are learned and will allow the student to be sufficient and competent in the clinical setting (Pitts et al., 2019). Also, the student must be engaging while learning to succeed in the practice (Pitts et al., 2019). The student must ask questions and remain open to learning, as learning can be challenging when learning a new skill set.

While there were many more successes than challenges this week, it was appropriate as my preceptor wanted to meet with me and better understand myself and what to expect during the clinical experience. Women’s health is critical, and I plan to follow the instructions provided by my preceptor and apply what is taught in the lecture course to enhance my clinical skills and experience further (Pitts et al., 2019). I am looking forward to next week in the women’s health clinical journey, learning new skills, and meeting patients.

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