response to the opposing view -The Branches of Government


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After creating your original video post, you are only allowed to comment on a post of the opposing view ( MNE WAS FEDERALIST; the response will be for an anti-federalist peer). Engage with a classmate with an opposing perspective and respond to their post with constructive and respectful feedback. You can structure your comment using the “3C’s and a Q” format outlined in the Getting Started Module ( see below).

The following is adapted from Jennifer Stewart-Mitchell’s original links to an external site. 3C and a Q approach. Each of your two replies should feature:

1) Compliment: It is good to start your reply on a positive note. Compliment the original post about something you liked or were impressed by.

2) Comment: Comment on something specific that the person wrote. The comment should be relevant and meaningful (and should go beyond just “I agree”). The comment can even involve disagreeing with something they wrote, though if you do so then please make sure to always be polite and respectful.

3) Connect: Now things get a bit harder. You should connect something in their original post either with something from your own personal experience or with something else we have covered in the class.

4) Question: Finally, finish by asking the original author something specific about something they wrote. It could be something you want to hear more about or something you were left wondering after reading their post.

Post Response

Opposing view/post from classmate (anti-federalists) that I (federalists) need to respond to following the above guidelines and also taking into account real-world examples and arguments from a modern standpoint.

# 1 : ” I believe that the legislative branch holds the most power out of the three. The legislative branch has the power to make all of our laws, regulate roads, collect taxes, impeach and try federal officials, declare war, and raise up armies and navies. Some ways the Legislative branch can check the powers of the other two branches is by: overriding a veto when the executive branch tries to veto a law, impeaching the president, and approving appointments for the president. In my opinion, the most important power held by the legislative branch is the power to make and change laws, because we might need them to come through for us and have a law set for us that will not harm but help people.Im anti-federalist and I chose the Legislative branch “.

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