RFP Phase 4: RFP/Presentation Group Project (Start Early)


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RFP Response Assignment to the Cvent RFP (Intel Corporation)

Part One: The RFP Response

To accomplish this task, you must create a response to the Cvent Request for Proposal (Intel Corporation). Remember back to your Event Services days…Cvent is a Third Party Planner. In this case, they are representing the Intel Corporation. Make sure to be precise, detailed and include responses for everything requested on the RFP. Also, please conduct a spell-check and re-read for grammar, incorrect words, etc. when you have completed the assignment. PLEASE NOTICE THAT THIS CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD in April and May of 2021 WITH DUE DATES THAT HAVE ALREADY PASSED. Therefore, you will need to backdate your response. Also, they are looking at multiple cities, so you must not only sell your resort, but the Orlando destination as well.

Your Assignment:

First, research the Intel Corporation at www.intel.comLinks to an external site. (copy and paste into your browser). You will not find the RFP on the Intel site or the Cvent site as this is privileged information.

Second, carefully read through the Cvent – Intel Corporation Legends & Luminaries RFP (Intel RFP link) and highlight important information.

Third, begin writing your response. Include the following in your response document: Title Page

Address this to Cvent and Ms. Diana Kamper (Meeting Planner) and include the Cvent physical address in Scottsdale, AZ.

Introductory Paragraph (thanking Cvent for this opportunity)

Property/Destination Information (this client has not been to your hotel before)

  • About your Property/Property Highlights (paragraph form)
  • Proximity to Off-Site Venues, Restaurants, Attractions and Airports (bullet points)
  • Host City Benefits: Cvent requests assistance from host city DMO – Visit Orlando or Experience Kissimmee, depending on the location of your resort (bullet point format). This is your chance to sell the Orlando destination!

Client Needs

  • Dates Acceptable? (Simple yes will suffice)
  • Commission (Will you pay the 10% commission to Cvent? Yes or no?…Say Yes!)
  • Room Types that are available with pricing/rates, descriptions & images/illustrations of rooms.
  • Room Block (break down by room type)
  • Meeting Space description of each room/space and illustration of the space
  • Schedule of Events with Meeting Room Requirements (Match Room Required to each session/function)
  • Banquet Menus/Pricing (General Overview of pricing only for meal functions – low to high for the different types of meals; also provide a link to their catering menus)
  • Concessions Offered (They requested a lot of concessions. Which concessions will you offer them?).
  • DMC Services: In the Schedule of Events, they are requesting DMC Services. What DMC does your hotel/resort work with and give an overview of the services of your DMC. Please don’t confuse your DMC with our local DMOs.
  • A/V Requirements (answer their question and provide information/details of the A/V company you work with at your resort).
  • Answer the additional questions at the end of the Cvent RFP.
  • Conclusion (drive home why your resort is the perfect host location for both the hotel stay and the conference as opposed to your competition).
  • Cite your sources.

After reading the RFP, you will find that they are expecting 900 to 1,000 attendees. Also, they provided the option to use multiple hotels, however, each hotel chosen for this assignment is large enough to accommodate the entire delegation. Lastly, they are requesting an all-inclusive, competitive room rate of $300 for their attendees. This room rate will be charged to the master account and paid by Intel. They are rate sensitive, so keep this in mind. Your focus is to book this convention at your hotel to not only reap the rewards of hotel rooms, but provide the necessary space for the convention itself.


We are doing this assigenment as agroup so each one of my group will do their parts. My part is (Concessions Offered (They requested a lot of concessions. Which concessions will you offer them?). Also can you provide it with sources.

Thank you.

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