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Also, answer the following questions in the same document that you have inserted the three pictures (from above) of your completed Gizmo.

  1. a) The maximum wavelength for Star B was measured to be 2.8 x 10-7m. Calculate the effective surface temperature of the star. Show your work.

b) What spectral class does this star fall into?

c) And what is its color?

  1. a) The maximum wavelength for Star D was measured to be 7.25 x 10-7m. Calculate the effective surface temperature of the star. Show your work.

b) What spectral class does this star fall into?

c) And what is its color?

  1. In this activity you analyzed the data from stellar spectra that was part of the visible light area of the electromagnetic spectrum. Investigate and write a short paragraph answering the following: What is X-ray astronomy? How is it measured? How is it used to locate black holes?

PLEASE NOTE: If/when you borrow information to complete this assignment from the internet, please make sure that you use a bibliography at the end of your work. It must be APA formatted.


The “Star Spectra” mode

Overall Expectations:

SIV.01 demonstrate scientific investigation skills (related to both inquiry and research) in the four areas of skills (initiating and planning, performing and recording, analysing and interpreting, and communicating);
ASV.02 investigate and analyse the properties of the universe, particularly the evolution and properties of stars, in both qualitative and quantitative terms;
ASV.03 demonstrate an understanding of the origin and evolution of the universe, the principal characteristics of its components, and techniques used to study those components.

Specific Expectations:

SI1.06 compile accurate observations and data from laboratory and other sources (e.g., field work), and organize and record the data, using appropriate formats, including tables, flow charts, graphs, and/or diagrams;
SI1.08 synthesize, analyse, interpret, and evaluate qualitative and/or quantitative data to determine whether the evidence supports or refutes the initial prediction or hypothesis and whether it is consistent with scientific theory; identify sources of bias and/or error; and suggest improvements to the inquiry to reduce the likelihood of error;
AS2.03 analyse spectroscopic data mathematically or graphically to determine various properties of stars (e.g., determine surface temperature from peak wavelength using Wein’s law; predict chemical composition from spectral absorption lines; determine motion using the Doppler effect);
AS2.05 investigate, in quantitative terms, properties of stars, including their distance from Earth (using the parallax method), surface temperature, absolute magnitude, and luminosity;
AS3.03 describe the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation (e.g., the relationship between wavelength, frequency, and energy) and the ways in which each region of the electromagnetic spectrum is used in making astronomical observations (e.g., X-rays in the search for black holes; infrared radiation to see through interstellar dust);
AS3.04 explain how stars are classified on the basis of their surface temperature, luminosity, and chemical composition;
AS3.05 explain, with reference to a specific star (e.g., Rigel, Sirius, Arcturus), how astronomers use techniques to determine the properties of stars (e.g., mass, diameter, magnitude, temperature, luminosity).

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