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Students must select a social problem and an existing federal social welfare policy developed as a response to the social problem. Your choice of the existing social welfare policy must be approved by the instructor by no later than the second week of class.

Review workshop number 4: Housing ” Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers”

After selecting the social problem and the existing federal social welfare policy, write a critical analysis of no less than six (6) pages, not counting references and cover pages. This assignment is due during the last week of class and is worth 30% of the final grade. Students must write using the latest APA format, including in-text citations and references and at least five (5) academic references. Students must use the following outline to guide the development of your written response.


  • Introduction
  • Provide a brief introduction of your critical analysis

    Analysis of the Social Problem

    Discuss the socioeconomic, demographic, and political background or context of the social problem

    Discuss the values and theories that influenced public discussions of the problem.

    Explain why this social problem is important to you and how it relates to the

    Social Work values are stated in the NASW Code of Ethics.

    The description of the selected federal social welfare policy o Briefly summarize the policy and briefly describe the process by which the policy

    was approved.

    Identify and explain the historical, economic, social, and political context of the country, when the policy was introduced and approved.

    Describe the population and situation that the policy addresses.

    What is the impact of this policy on different population groups? (Equity)

    What are the social implications of the policy for the vulnerable populations? Explain

    What consequences does the policy have on the focused problem? (Effectiveness)

    What are the unintended effects of this policy? (Unintended effect)

    Assess how the selected social welfare or economic policy impacts the delivery of and access to social services.

  • Analysis of the policy statement
  • Select a theoretical framework to analyze how the goals, objectives, values and cost elements of the policy are in line with your analysis of the social problem.

    What is the financial cost of this policy?

    Is this policy technically feasible?

    Do the significant policy sponsors view the policy as acceptable?

    What are the benefits?

    Research two (2) publications of the policy that you chose, and summarize the research questions, methods, and implications of the analyses.

    ? Do the analyses suggest practices that engage in the advancement of social, economic, and environmental justice? Why or why not? Explain

    your answer.

  • Conclusion
  • Critically analyze the strengths and/or weaknesses of the policy.

    ? Explain how the policy responds to or resolves the social problem, taking into consideration the social work values as stated in the NASW Code of


    Critically analyze whether the policy represents an advance or a setback for social justice and human rights.

    Critically analyze the implication of the policy for the Social Work profession to promote social, economic, and environmental justice.

    Do you have any recommendations regarding this policy?

    Do you consider that this policy needs to be amended, replaced, or removed?

    Why or why not? Explain your answer

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