Week 8 MDB


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Select 5 Chapter 11 questions and 5 Chapter 15 questions below to respond to by 11:59 pm Friday. Do not forget to respond to at least 2 other classmates’ posts on at least 2 different days by 11:59 pm Monday.

Chapter 11: Teams

  1. What do you believe should be done concerning a team member who monopolizes every meeting? What if this monopolizer is the team leader?
  2. Why is shared authority important to proper team functioning?
  3. Fully explain why some conflict is essential to effective team problem-solving.
  4. Many times we have heard that “A camel is a horse designed by a committee.” Why have so many committees and teams inspired such cynical descriptions?
  5. What do you believe is the primary hazard or significant drawback of a permanent team?
  6. What is the “situational leadership” mentioned in the discussion of leadership style? Explain.
  7. If you have just inherited a team and must take over today as its leader, how would you go about quickly getting an understanding of the previous leader’s style?
  8. How would you suggest that a generally well-functioning team handle a single non-productive member?
  9. What are two significant disadvantages of team action? How can these disadvantages be surmounted?
  10. What do you believe is meant by the claim that team power is based on credibility? How do a team and its leader go about acquiring this power?

Chapter 15 Questions

  1. How have organizational mergers and other affiliations affected employee morale, and why do you believe they have had these effects?
  2. How can a system for collecting and evaluating employee suggestions become a morale depressor rather than a morale booster?
  3. It has been said that the time to think of conducting an employee attitude survey is not when there are obvious morale problems. Why is this so?
  4. Under what circumstances could morale be high while the motivation to perform is weak or lacking?
  5. It has been proven that many employees consider the opportunity for promotion and growth to be important in their organizational environment, and yet only a relative few employees take advantage of this opportunity. Why might this be so?
  6. If an employee is continually doing an acceptable job, not excelling but “chugging along” and producing reasonable results, why should any form of reward or recognition be considered necessary?
  7. Why is it considered necessary for recognition to be delivered as soon after the deserving behavior as possible?
  8. Why is monetary compensation not necessarily a motivator of improved performance?
  9. Describe the fundamental employee needs that reward and recognition processes primarily fulfill.
  10. Explain your understanding of a “cafeteria” benefits plan, and describe how elements of such a plan can be construed as “rewards.

Reading : Umiker’s Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor 7th edition

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