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I have already completed the expository essay and argument essay. In total, they are 10 pages already complete. All you need to do is combine it to make a research paper using the outline the instruction provides. These are the instructions the professor provided.

Your research paper draft should consist of two parts: part 1—the expository essay, and part 2—the argument essay. (Students who chose not to write about the same issue on both essays will need to do a little catching up to fill in the missing half of the research paper draft.) Since you have completed and submitted the draft and revised versions of both of those essays, the final step is to work on combining the two into a single, unified paper. For the purpose of this class/assignment only, you may reuse the material from your previous essays word-for-word, copy-and-paste style, to create your research paper draft. I have purposely designed the assignments in this manner, so please be aware that this type of reuse is not likely to be acceptable for other classes or other assignments. There is no need to cite or quote yourself; the previous essays were simply building blocks for this larger research project.

The research process you embarked on in the crafting of your expository and argument essays led you on a journey of discovery. Combining and unifying those two essays is part of a process meant to help you identify and answer additional questions that arose regarding your topic. Having read through a variety of academic sources that discuss various aspects of your topic, your knowledge and understanding of the topic should have grown and changed, and your final research paper should reflect that learning.

There will be no draft submission or peer review process for the research paper beyond the work already done with the draft/final versions of the expository and argument essays. Please be mindful that your work on the research paper should not end with copying-and-pasting your final/revised expository and argument essays; you should spend some time unifying those essays by adding necessary transitions, including additional supporting material uncovered through your research process, and cutting out repetitive or redundant material resulting from merging the two essays.

To combine your expository and argument essays together, the structure or outline of your paper might look something like this:

  • Introduction to broader topic (intro of expository essay; 1 paragraph)
  • Discussion of problem/issue (body of expository essay; 3-5 paragraphs)
  • Any additional research on problem/issue
  • Transition from problem to solution (merging of expository conclusion and argument introduction paragraphs; 1-2 paragraphs)
  • Discussion of solution (body of argument essay; 3-5 paragraphs)
  • Any additional research on solution
  • Conclusion that ties it all together (conclusion from argument essay; 1 paragraph)

Following an outline like the one discussed above would easily yield anywhere between 9 and 14 paragraphs

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