African History to 1865


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some scholars argue that prior to the onset of the transAtlantic slave trade, European/African

relations were more equal and Eurocentric views of Africans were not clearly defined. They also
maintain that socioeconomic factors ultimately led to racial slavery in Colonial North America,
not deeprooted racial prejudice toward Africans. Do you agree or disagree with BOTH
arguments? What was the relationship between Europeans and Africans BEFORE and DURING
the transAtlantic slave trade? How does the status of Africans and Atlantic Creoles in the
colonies during the early 1600s and mid1660s support and/or challenge either argument?
Please use the above questions as a prompt for you to begin thinking about how the relationship
between Europeans and Africans naturally evolved and/or dramatically changed by the mid17th
century. Decide on an idea, argument or thesis for your paper and then present that idea in the
beginning and write persuasively to support your position. The professor will discuss the outline
for this paper in class.
You MUST use supporting evidence from Major Problems in African American History
(particularly the primary source documents), Olaudah Equiano’s narrative, handouts, lecture
notes, and documentaries (e.g., Africa: Part I Different But Equal, Slavery and the Making of
The paper is 35 pages, doublespaced.
See Common Paper Problems Below and Read Carefully Before Submission!
1. Introduction/Thesis/Clarity: You need to indicate to your reader the main argument you
will be making, and then make the rest of your paper support the argument.
2. Topic Sentences: Provide a strong topic sentence that supports your thesis statement at
the beginning of each paragraph.
3. Supporting evidence: Be sure to use at least two convincing examples in each paragraph
to strengthen your argument.
4. Language and sentence structure: Be sure to use clear, direct language in your writing,
and fully explain your ideas and those of the author. Avoid using language that is ambiguous; always ask yourself if your word choice fully conveys the meaning you wish to express.

5.Subject/Verb Agreement: Make sure the number of the subject agrees with the number

of the verb. Example: The town of Pitman, with all its beauty and history is a wonderful

6. Tense shift: Beware of shifting between present and past tenses in your paper. When
writing about history, it is often easier to use the past tense.
7. Passive voice: Always try to make your language as active as possible; it makes your
argument much more forceful and direct. Note the difference between: “A clear and
persuasive argument is presented by David” versus “David presents a clear and
persuasive argument.”
8. Use of quotes: Be sure to use direct quotes from your primary source documents when
appropriate to enhance your argument. Avoid using direct quotes that simply provide
facts. Instead, use quotes that highlight the author’s analysis, and that supplement your

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