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Throughout this semester, you will keep a writing journal. This writing journal is a place for you to practice your written communication. You will see weekly prompts on your Dashboard (Pre-Class Work) asking you to write something specific, practising the LOs we are learning in class. You will turn in the writing journal FOUR TIMES during the semester.** These are the instructions for Submission 3.**

  • You should write the individual entries in a Microsoft Word document and save it to your computer. When all four are complete, put them together in ONE PDF file and submit that on the due date.
  • The submission of this journal is not something you can cram for. You can only succeed if you keep a practice of having regular intervals where you spend dedicated, focused time working on your writing.
  • We suggest that for each entry in your writing journal, you specify the date and the amount of time you intend to write.

Prepare an annotated bibliography on** three** of the five sources you will use for your Thesis-Driven Essay.

  1. Citation of Source: Make sure it is in APA format and formatted with a hanging indent, no bold, and no underlining.
  2. Annotation:
    1. Summary: Describe the source type (book, article, database, video clips, etc)., then summarize the entire article or excerpt you used in your own words. What are the main ideas, themes, and conclusions? (This should be done in 3-5 sentences.)
    2. Analysis/Assessment: Analyze and explain why this source is credible. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the source. Include a CRAAP criteria analysis in this section.
    3. Explain how the information in this source will be used in your paper. (This should be done in 3-5 sentences.)
    4. Attach URL links or DOI links for each of the sources. Your teacher may also ask you to provide the PDF document of the source, so make sure you have saved these on your personal computer.

Here’s a helpful guide to creating an annotated bibliography: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/common_writing_assignments/annotated_bibliographies/index.html Here is the library Guide from the workshop: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19aEprtPtJcCHpLgZ8e-kSQWWm2wVPAei/view?usp=share_linkThe following information will need to be included in the annotation for each source:

Entry 7

(Prompt posted in Session 17 POST class work and Session 18 Pre-Class Work): Draft an outline for your Thesis-Driven Essay and bring it to class. Your outline should contain:

  1. The Thesis Statement.
  2. A topic sentence for each body paragraph (Remember to use linking words to indicate how it links to the previous paragraph.)
  3. The evidence you will use in each paragraph (with quotations and source citations)
  4. Examples from your life or experience.
  5. A reference list (APA) including a minimum of 5 sources

If you need more guidance on creating an outline, please refer to this guide with examples: https://www.scribbr.com/academic-essay/essay-outline/


  • Copy from sources without using quotations and citations.
  • Use ChatGPT
  • Start at the last minute.
  • Composition: Communicate with a clear and precise style.
  • Thesis: Write a clear declarative sentence that takes a firm position on the topic under consideration and serves to organize the rest of the work.
  • Organization: Effectively organize communications.
  • EvidenceBased: Identify and appropriately structure the information needed to support an argument effectively.
  • SourceQuality: Distinguish between categories and types of information to determine source quality.
  • Professionalism: Ensure that your communication follows established guidelines and use a careful editing process.
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