SH( psy150 ) 3 parts.


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Question 11.5 pts

What did Jean Piaget believe to be the fundamental cognitive difference between children of different ages?

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Flag question: Question 2Question 21.5 pts

Jean Piaget believed that from their earliest experiences children form schemes, which are patterns of action or thought constructed to interpret their experience of the world. What dual term did he use for the process by which these ideas, theories and action plans are constantly updated in light of new experience and information?

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Flag question: Question 3Question 31.5 pts

According to Jean Piaget, as children modify the schemes that they utilize, what is the goal regarding those schemes?

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Flag question: Question 4Question 41.5 pts

Seeing a bat for the first time Lester initially believes it to be some type of bird. Then he notices that the bat has fur, not feathers. And the bat also has fangs, rather than a beak. He updates his schemes to include the new information. Birds are flying creatures that have feathers and beaks, but do not have fur or fangs. Bats are a different kind of flying creature that do have fur and fangs. What term did Piaget use to refer to adjustments to our schemes such as this.

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Flag question: Question 5Question 51.5 pts

Most young children employ __________ when trying to work through a complex problem or task.

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Flag question: Question 6Question 61.5 pts

According to Piaget’s cognitive theory, grasping the concept of object permanence marks the transition from the sensorimotor to the preoperational stage of development. Similarly, the transition from the preoperational to the concrete operational stage is marked by the child grasping what concept?

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Flag question: Question 7Question 71.5 pts

Seeing a volume of liquid being poured from a short wide glass to a tall slender glass younger children still in the preoperational stage will state that there is more liquid once in the tall slender glass. Which of the following was notdiscussed as a reason for this erroneous conclusion?

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Flag question: Question 8Question 81.5 pts

Sabrina understands that ravens are larger than hummingbirds, and that emus are larger than ravens. If she has truly mastered transitivity she …

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Flag question: Question 9Question 91.5 pts

Lev Vygotsky talked about a teachable moment when a child might not be able to master a particular skill on their own, but could with guidance and encouragement from someone who has mastered that skill. What was his term for this?

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Flag question: Question 10Question 101.5pts

Alena’s favorite lunchtime meal is Mac ‘N Cheese. Although she can’t really understand the directions on the box her father decides to guide her step by step through the process of making it. After doing this a few times he lets her prepare it on her own and she cooks it perfectly. As far as developing this particular skill the psychologist Lev Vygotsky would have said at the beginning that Alena was …

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Flag question: Question 11Question 111.5pts

According to Vygotsky the most important of our tools of thought would be what?

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Flag question: Question 12Question 121.5pts

Sheldon watches his mother set the TV remote on the side table near the couch when she leaves the family room. A little later his father enters and grabs the remote to change the channel, setting the remote down next to him afterward. Sheldon sees it fall between the cushions. After his father leaves to get a snack his mother returns. Where would Sheldon likely predict that she would look for the remote if he has attained a working theory of mind?

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Flag question: Question 13Question 131.5pts

As children progress from two years of age to ten, neural advances in the brain contribute to higher working memory capacity. Which of the following does this allow them to do at ten years old that they could not when younger?

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Flag question: Question 14Question 141.5pts

Viewing difficult challenges as an opportunity for growth and advancement, even if one doesn’t achieve success, is characteristic of …

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Flag question: Question 15Question 151.5pts

When parents and educators emphasize the effort put forth and what was learned in the process of completing a task, rather than the end result as to how successful they were, children are more likely to …

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Flag question: Question 16Question 161.5pts

Around three to four years of age children recognize that other people have desires that cause them to act in certain ways. In that regard, what else are these children aware of about those other people?

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Flag question: Question 17Question 171.5pts

Typically as children mature and develop the dominant social influence shaping them shifts from __________ to __________.

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Flag question: Question 18Question 181.5pts

Peer relationships are different from those a child has with parents or other adults (such as other relatives and teachers) because …

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Flag question: Question 19Question 191.5pts

Gertrude and Hortense are sitting across from each other at the kitchen table, each coloring their own pictures. They exchange crayons while making comments and suggestions regarding each other’s works of art. What type of play is this?

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Flag question: Question 20Question 201.5pts

Leroy’s parents both work. His mother is often short-tempered with him at home. Due to the nature of his job, his father is often out of town. Leroy is not particularly athletic. And he doesn’t really fit in well with most of the other children at school. What might benefit him greatly and mitigate possible feelings of social isolation?

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The readings mention the importance of having a best friend, a confidant, to many aspects of development across the lifespan.

For children, being able to share activities, thoughts and feelings with a best friend increases social cognition skills and confidence. And having a best friend they can count on and confide in can even compensate for things like an unstable home environment, dealing with a bully and other aspects of life that might otherwise affect healthy development.

And for adolescents, having a best friend and knowing they are dealing with the same issues and confusion makes the transition a little easier.

Even in old age it’s the quality of relationships rather than quantity of them that leads to higher life satisfaction. Having those one or two people that you can trust and confide in makes dealing with the concerns about the changes taking place in old age more bearable.

So this assignment is about your best friend. Now as you move through life that person may change. So you could discuss your best friend growing up, someone who entered your life later on or your current best friend. Of course there could be some overlap there. How did you become friends? What qualities led you to see them as a best friend? What have been some of your best moments together? And discuss ways they’ve helped you out and ways you’ve been able to help them out.

This is kind of an appropriate topic as we head toward the holidays of Fall and Winter and potentially some time with friends. Try to get your initial submission in by Thursday and then respond to a couple of your peers by 11:59 pm on Sunday evening. When responding to your classmates focus on similarities in what you look for in a friend and similar experiences you’ve had with your friends. This should be one to have some fun with I think. They certainly had fun with it over the last few semesters.



It’s time to relate the video content to the rest of the material. First, let me just list all the links here again.

Recall the video that discussed the value of play in fostering creativity, developing cognitive and social skills and learning how to forge and maintain relationships. Play Is More Than Just Fun Links to an external site.

Then there were these videos addressing why it is so important for children to go to school and the benefits provided by schools when educators recognize and foster the abilities of their students. to an external site. By way of this website you can access this RSA Video. Links to an external site.

Finally, there were these videos that addressed the benefits to be gained by trying to foster the development of self-control early on, such as when a child forgoes a small immediate gain to obtain a larger reward later on.

Taken together, how do these videos support the text chapter and lecture readings? Do they suggest something that goes against the content of the textbook? The really important question I want you to answer is why is it so important to engage in play, go to school and develop self control? Discuss this in terms of developing cognitive and social skills as well as academic performance. Along the way cite examples from each of the videos as you address the questions and make your points.

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